Saturday, December 26, 2015

LAIKA #5: Untitled LAIKA Film Dated

It seems like LAIKA has become more than capable of getting a new movie out every two years. Not even, actually...

Kubo and the Two Strings, their next and overall fourth feature film, is due out next summer. They now have another film slated to open after that. The film is question currently set to open on April 4, 2018...

A fine spot, really. Two weeks after whatever opens on March 23, 2018 (whether it's Sony Animation's Peter Rabbit or Blue Sky's Anubis, one of those is obviously going to move... Probably the latter since it's not necessarily Easter-centric), and far enough away from Disney Animation's Gigantic. April 2018 is free, animation-wise, so it has tons of room to breathe.

So of course, we all ask... What is it going to be? A while ago, LAIKA did announce that they were going to adapt Colin Meloy's forest fantasy WildWood, and they also plan to adapt Philip Reeve's Goblins. At one point, Fantastic Mr. Fox's animation director Mark Gustasfson was set to helm the picture.

It could be one of those two projects, or something they never announced before. Actually, before LAIKA announced Kubo (which is an original story, not an adaptation), the 8/19/2016 release was undetermined for a little while. I had believed back then that WildWood or Goblins would be that very release, but nope, something previously unannounced.

What do you think?

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