Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ring In The Zoo: New 'Zootopia' Full Trailer Debuts

Now that the sloth trailer did some serious business in theaters, a new full trailer for Walt Disney Animation Studios' next is here!

This trailer shows everything: The ins and outs of the city itself, establishes who Judy is and what her conflict is, the prejudices that exist in this alternate world's animal kingdom, action, a wee bit of emotion, humor, and then some. I love every second of it, and that's rare coming from me when it comes to American trailers for animated films.

Plus, we get a good look at the villainous Mr. Big, and interestingly enough... Animals going "savage", going back to being wild animals in a world of civilized critters. Interesting, interesting, interesting.

If you've been here long enough, you'll know that I've been fully on board this very feature since the day Disney officially unveiled it. I love the concept, the crew behind it is a winning team (Byron Howard and Rich Moore!), and on the whole it looks like they're running wild - pun shamelessly intended - with the overall premise. Walt Disney Animation Studios has been on a roll since Meet The Robinsons, so I have quite a few reasons to be excited about this picture.

Disney probably didn't even need to put this trailer out, because the sloth one - based on several reports - brought down the house at Star Wars: The Force Awakens screenings (a review from yours truly will be up as soon as I see it, I've been super-busy), but it's nice to have a regular trailer to go alongside the sloth one. I think a good chunk of audiences have made up their minds on the film, it's gonna be pretty big.

What did you think of this new trailer?

... And, Happy New Year, fellow readers!


  1. In Sweden the older Disney movies are redubb(dubbed a second time)Because old dubbing does not survive or in some cases the old dubbing is censored(Too intense scenes are removed) and it's
    easier to simply redubb the entire film than dubbing the deleted scenes separately. But since these dubs are the most part done for VHS they can not afford to hire big name so for the most part, these dubs are made Professional voice actors
    Many Disney films have famous actors (or, more commonly actor who will become famous later) making the original dubbing for movie theaters and the voice actors doing for VHS. These original dubbings are unfortunately completely lost and can not find anymore. Two more recent Disney films have been redubbed on VHS The Black Cauldron and Oliver & Company. The Black Cauldron especially had no voice actor when it went to the cinema first but VHS dubbing had almost only professional voice actors.

  2. Zootopia is one of the great animated movies that I loved.

  3. Worth watching! Just to see the sloth's face when he hears the joke.