Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sony Slate Update: Sony Animation Dates New Titles, Moves Another

Sony Animation has yet again changed their slate, moving one project and adding two more...

The new additions... One makes me cringe, the other has me curious.

The Emoji Movie opens August 11, 2017. Yes, that's moving ahead. They're actually fast-tracking it. A new take on the classic Beatrix Potter character in the form of Peter Rabbit is set to open March 23, 2018. Right now, Fox/Blue Sky's long-gestating Anubis holds that date. Someone's going to have to move...

What got moved? The untitled animated Spider-Man film that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are involved with. Once set for 7/20/2018, it is now set to open December 21, 2018. Now the slate looks like this...

03/31/2017 - Get Smurfy
08/11/2017 - The Emoji Movie
12/07/2017 - The Lamb
03/23/2018 - Peter Rabbit
09/21/2018 - Hotel Transylvania 3
12/21/2018 - Untitled Animated Spider-Man

I think this line-up is kind of a mixed bag...

Get Smurfy is essentially an apology for the two hybrid Smurfs movies that the studio gave us a few years ago, and it could be alright, if not good. I'm just happy that Sony Animation even went as far rebooting the whole thing even though the sequel did make a decent amount of money worldwide.

The Lamb has my interest because it sounds different for the studio, and it's been a while since we've seen a mainstream animated film with religious overtones. Peter Rabbit could be good, so long as they don't try to make it hip or modern, but I don't quite know with this studio right now. Hotel Transylvania 3 ought to be more of the same, but this time without Genndy Tartakovsky salvaging things. The Spider-Man movie can go either way. I have zero interest in The Emoji Movie. I already ranted about that.

Sony Animation, prior to the hack, had some really cool projects in development. Stuff like Lauren Faust's original story Medusa, the adult-oriented stop-motion/live action hybrid Superbago, and Genndy Tartakovsky's Popeye and Can You Imagine? Well, Lauren Faust was removed from Medusa, and they told Tartakovsky straight up that they didn't like Popeye despite how well the sizzle reel fared both inside and outside of the studio. I have no idea how Superbago and Can You Imagine? are progressing, but I wouldn't be surprised if they get thrown on the back burner.

I don't want to assume, but Tom Rothman is one of Sony Pictures' new heads, and he is notoriously filmmaker unfriendly. During his tenure at 20th Century Fox, he singlehandedly derailed the X-Men film franchise and he was behind the jumpstarting of the Alvin and the Hipmunks franchise. I wonder how much influence he has over the animation studio...

What do you think of this slate update? Sound off below!


  1. Just be lucky he isn't running Walt Disney Studios right now. If he were, everything he touched would have been a mess. Pixar would have been a sequel factory, and Disney Animation would have been a DreamWorks ripoff. The only filmmaker he is friendly too is Ang Lee (Life of Pi).

  2. There is some text missing regarding Get Smurfy, the sentence does not finish.

  3. That Emoji movie has "fail" written all over it.

  4. I have some interest in Peter Rabbit, but that is it. Since that is a common name do they mean the Beatrice Potter characters or the ones with Unc' Billy Possum and Reddy Fox?