Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bad Pets: New 'Secret Life of Pets' Teaser Debuts

Illumination's next film, their first original non-adaptation since 2010's Despicable Me, I mean, 2011's Hop (a movie I keep forgetting and kinda want to forget), is just a few months away...

Since the teaser has been rolling since Minions debuted this past July, it makes sense that Universal put out a new one, just in time for the release of Kung Fu Panda 3 and... Norm of the North.

I... Don't know now...

I thought the first teaser for the film was cute enough, with the pets doing things when their owners leave. I mean, it's a concept that's been done to death, but I figured maybe Illumination could do something decent with it. For all the ribbing they get, I actually do really like the first Despicable Me, I feel that it's one of those animated films that takes all the familiar beats and actually does something fun and entertaining with them. It didn't re-invent the wheel or move mountains, but it aimed to be an entertaining film, and it completely succeeded at that because it had heart and it had a solid script. I can't say the same about most other recent "fun" animated films that feel tired more than anything.

Anyways, it's cool that the teaser was centered on the villainous Snowball. I'm not sure I can get behind Kevin Hart doing the voice though, as he's mostly good in small, small doses. We also get a glimpse of his secret society of evil pets, which I thought was pretty cool too... But apparently some of the film might be stuck in 2006, as our bunny baddie accidentally takes a crap onscreen. When's the last time an American animated movie did that? Open Season? I dunno, but hopefully that's all but a minor moment while the rest of the film is actually really funny and well-written.

So yes, this teaser did little for me. Hopefully a proper trailer comes soon, because I'm not feeling this one right now. The other picture that the studio will be releasing later this year, and by that I mean four days before Christmas, is more exciting to me: The Garth Jennings-directed musical Sing.

What did you think of the teaser? Fun? Groan-inducing? Nothing special? Sound off below!


  1. I was smiling the whole time. It was the way Snowball seemed so happy that got me. After seeing the DC trailers where everyone looked so miserable I enjoyed seeing a trailer where Snowball was chewing the scenery.

  2. I thought they would get rid of the Minion-styled humor, coz the first trailer felt like that. but noooo, they decided to add a little A Nut Job into it too....

  3. "Illumination's next film, their first original non-adaptation since 2010's Despicable Me, is just a few months away..." and Hop also is an original film