Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Big Nick: Rumored Nicktoons Movie Now A Reality?

Remember that rumored Nicktoons movie? It looks like it might actually happen...

Last year, a rumor was going around that stated Nickelodeon was at work on a big movie that would be a crossover of all the 90s animated Nick series that people my age cling onto. However, the rumor looked to be a big joke. The originator of the rumor, Tracking Board, has hit-or-miss reception as a reliable website, and animation historian Jerry Beck himself - who is close with Nickelodeon - said it wasn't a thing, on the Cartoon Research Facebook page...

Variety is now reporting that it is a thing. Knowing who to trust, I headed over to the Cartoon Research Facebook page. Mr. Beck said in a reply, "If Variety is reporting it - it's pretty much a 'fact' that they are developing this movie. It might never get made - but clearly they are developing it."

So it's being considered and some work is being done on it, but who knows if it'll ever come to fruition. The article mentions that characters from Doug will be part of the movie, but here's the thing... Doug, since 1996, has been owned by Disney. Or did it fall out of Disney's hands a long time ago? I ask because, according to some, they still have it as of now.

Anyways, Jared Hess of Napoleon Dynamite fame is set to direct it. His wife, who usually collaborates with him, will work on it as well. As I had speculated this past autumn, the script appears to be going a Who Framed Roger Rabbit-esque direction. If it indeed goes that route, it could be delightfully meta, it could be a commentary on 20-something-year-olds and their nostalgia for all things 90s. I mean, really, some people my age are really, really, really nostalgic. Stuck in the 90s nostalgic. I honestly haven't seen that in too many people I know who were born before the mid-1980s. A poke at all that would be nice, but what would the Nicktoons characters themselves do?

I have no idea how to feel about this. When revisiting those shows, I found some of them to be of pretty high quality, while others were just decent-to-good. I'm a 1992 baby, and a lot of people who are around my age look back on these shows with rose-colored glasses, 3 pairs of them... and often insinuate that nothing made today in the world of TV animation will ever, ever, ever come close to them. I'm not that kind of person, I don't judge things based on when they came out. Just because I grew up with it doesn't mean it's gold. Anyways, I don't know if a full-on crossover would work as a movie. Sure, it would work as 90s nostalgia that panders to my age group, but can it be more than that?

Actually, I personally would like to see the shows themselves return. Hey Arnold! is said to be coming back, which is good, because things were left unresolved (*cough*The "Jungle Movie"*cough*), and it would be nice to see something like Doug come back. Rugrats? I don't know about that, though Wild Thornberrys could probably be revived. Ren & Stimpy? That did make a comeback a decade ago, but as an amped-up adults-only cartoon on Spike (back when it was called TNN) that was a letdown. Plus, I don't know if Mr. K. is even up for doing it (or is able to do it) again. More surreal, cartoony stuff like Rocko's Modern Life and Angry Beavers? Yeah, I can see new shows based on them working out.

For the movie, I guess they're going to need someone really talented that can bring all of the animation styles of the different shows together into one movie. Richard Williams and his crew were able to do that with the Disney, WB, MGM, Lantz, and Fleischer styles in Roger Rabbit. The Nicktoons of the 90s were all made by different studios: Klasky-Csupo, Spumco, Snee-Oosh, Jumbo Pictures, and so on. Hopefully they'll all be in 2D, I don't want to see those characters reimagined in CG.

Other than that, I'm on the fence. Whether it'll be made or not, who knows. I'm leaning on it being made, because 90s nostalgia is a force to be reckoned with. Just look at how Jurassic World did! Look at how things like Coke Surge are coming back, and selling out immediately on Amazon. I won't rule it out.

What do you make of this news? Do you think a big crossover movie based on the 90s Nicktoons could work? Or not?

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  1. What about a Nicktoons/Star Trek crossover movie?