Saturday, January 2, 2016

In Motion: See A Few Seconds of 'Moana'

It looks like Disney Animation themselves has rung in the new year with an exciting, albeit extremely brief, bit of Moana footage!

With animation production just beginning on Moana, Disney has felt the need to actually let us have a look at this November release rather than wait till mid-summer to unveil a teaser like they did with all their previous Lasseter-era November releases. Though I speculated for a while that we'd get the teaser earlier than the summer... Because another Disney Animation film opens in March. For those who aren't up to date on the news, it's a buddy action movie called Zootopia.

Disney Movie Surfers - which is shockingly still a thing after all these years - got our first look at how the film will move and feel, but it's only a few seconds. Worth watching anyway for obvious reasons, plus the movement where Maui performs a trick with his magical hook? Splendid stuff!

It perhaps indicates that a trailer is indeed right around the corner, but I think we'll end up having to wait for Zootopia. But that's just two months away!

What do you think of the few seconds of footage?