Friday, January 22, 2016

Mockbuster Mileage: The Asylum Jumpstarts Animation Division

Ah yes... We all know The Asylum, right? We know them for their mockbuster knock-offs of big movies, the likes of Transmorphers and Snakes on a Train, among others. We also know them for Syfy Channel camp like Sharknado...

Their first animated mockbuster will be the direct-to-video Izzie's Way Home, which is set to debut in May. Get a load of the nightmare fuel below...

They all seem to gravitate towards Nemo, don't they? Being one of the most-attended animated films of all time, and just an iconic film in general, Finding Nemo has had so many derivatives over the years. However, a new Nemo mockbuster arriving now makes sense, because Finding Dory debuts this coming summer.

If you ask me, instead of doing schlock features to cash in on the success of the real deal features, I think The Asylum should really take some advantage and make an animated B-movie that aims to be loads of fun. A hilarious, perhaps self-aware, "so bad it's good", entertaining-as-hell animated B-movie that people love for all the right reasons. Basically, an animated Sharknado. An animated Plan 9 from Outer Space or Birdemic or The Room. That would only not make for a rip-roaringly good time, but could also help adult-oriented animation.

How so? Well, make a so-bad-it's-good movie that's not family friendly and market it the right way, catch the right audience. Go for a PG-13, maybe even an R. Do something low-budget, maybe ridiculously low-budget that is flat-out hilarious and gets people talking. I think it would be an interesting experiment, no?

Maybe Izzie's Way Home will be just that. I mean, I hope it will be. Might as well do something unique, rather than make a run-of-the-mill kids flick that so many animated mockbusters are. Or ones that just fall flat on their faces, like Video Brinquedo's 45-minute trashfests. With a low budget, the sky is the limit.

What do you think of this news? Would you like to see a ridiculous, over-the-top animated mockbuster one day? Or is that an experiment that shouldn't be attempted? Sound off below!

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