Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Other Side's Trailer: Great Japanese 'Zootopia' Trailer Surfaces

Before I start, I want to say that I love what the Japanese marketing arm for Disney does with Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar's films. The trailers they put together? Marvelous.

They are trailers that wouldn't fly here in the states. They focus heavily on story, drama, and character development. Perhaps a little too much, to the point where they can get rather spoiler-heavy. One look at the Japanese trailers for Cars and Monsters University will show just that, the latter especially, which gives away the film's third act climax and its outcome!

However, these trailers make the films look better to me. American animated movie marketing focuses on jokes and zaniness, Japanese trailers are all about story and heart with some humor sprinkled in. On a personal note, I had come across the Japanese trailer for Tangled mere months before the film debuted in North America. I had been kind of dreading the film up until that point, because the marketing - fooling foolish 18-year-old me - made the picture look like a Shrek-esque picture, one with lots of attitude! Then I watched the Japanese trailer out of curiosity, and soon I was saying "Okay... That actually looks really good!"

So now we're on Disney Animation's Zootopia, and be warned... There are possible spoilers here! I kind of regret watching it, it was foolish of me to go into it not expecting anything serious, but I think a crucial moment in the film's second act shows up in the trailer... So again, be warned!

I love the emphasis on the Rainforest District, and plus there are some moments here that show that the picture will indeed have the beating heart of the last few Disney animated films, and any good Disney animated film. There's some action, some more neat looks at the city, among other things.

On a sidenote, the film is also being released in China. No release date has been pegged, but there is a poster for it...

Good thing, too. Zootopia is pretty much set to do some darn good business stateside, but I can see the picture really catching on across the globe. Add in the Chinese market and boom, this could actually outgross Big Hero 6! Who knows where it'll end up, but I have a strooooong feeling about this one.

Maybe I'm just biased. After all, it's one of my most anticipated animated films in the coming months, years even...

If you have watched the trailer, what do you think of it?


  1. I watched the trailer with subtitle (can't link it), and I can deduce 2 things.
    1. They're sticking with the conspiracy theory plotline.
    2. Mr. Big is part of the conspiracy.
    3. The film will probably tackle the issue of corporate corruption and monopoly.
    4. Alan Tudyks character is nowhere to be found. Which may be implying something.

  2. Is right about $850 now, will be even closer to $900 when it opens in Japan, and judging by the Japanese trailer, this is going to do some serious bank in Japan, so it's really not out of the question that this thing becomes a billion dollar movie.