Monday, February 8, 2016

A Big Step Forward: Cinesite Jumps into Animation, 'Klaus' Is Now A Feature Film

Last year, a little something called Klaus surfaced...

It's the pet project of veteran Disney animator and Despicable Me originator Sergio Pablos, and when I saw it, I gushed over it. I was amazed, I felt it was essentially a peak in the art of meshing traditional animation and CG. For months the plan was to get the funding to make it into a feature-length film...

That dream is a reality, folks.

Variety reports that VFX house Cinesite has launched an animation studio, will produce 9 feature-length animated films, and Klaus will be the one to kick off the slate. Wow, wow, WOW!

The films are all set to go into production over the next five years. Klaus will be a co-production with Pablos' own SPA Studios, alongside Atresmedia Cine and Comic Animations. It's happening...

Any word on what else Cinesite Animation plans to make?

After Klaus will come Riverdance, based on the legendary stage show of the same name, and will even be composed by the very composer of said show, Bill Whelan. This is a nice break from the typical Broadway style we're all used to, plus... You can't go wrong with riverdance! Sign me up!

Cinesite is also set to work with 3QU, the small studio that Shrek producer John H. Williams set up a while back. That studio's first feature, the very Shrek-sounding Charming, will be part of the deal alongside three other films in the works.

That is quite a line-up. A traditionally animated film, or a film that will feel like a 2D film, is coming to theaters. Hopefully it lands the right distributor and does well, but for the time being... I'm very excited. This is big stuff, MAJOR stuff... and I'm glad to see it happening in the first place. Three cheers for Klaus, Sergio Pablos, Cinesite, and traditional animation!


  1. i think that a read somewere on the Sergio Pablos facebook that Klaus will come out in 2019 but i am not sure

  2. Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! This is going to make Disney so jealous, they'll have to make their animated movies look like that.