Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Toying Around: Lino DiSalvo To Direct Animated 'Playmobil' Movie

Looks like the toy movie rush isn't stopping soon, for an animated movie based on Playmobil is in the works...

Variety reported on the project earlier today. As many of you probably know, Lino di Salvo had been with Walt Disney Animation Studios for nearly 20 years, and the head of animation on Frozen. He left for Paramount Animation a year later, and for a while we knew that he was set to direct a film there. It appears that Playmobil: Robbers, Thieves & Rebels will be it. The film will be produced by the French studio On Animation Studios, who helped give us The Little Prince, which Paramount is releasing here in the US on March 18.

DiSalvo himself had this to say about the project...

“I’ve learned most of my skills by growing up in the Disney system; I was very fortunate to work on films like Tangled and Frozen... I am thrilled at the prospect of developing the Playmobil film. As a father and a filmmaker, to create a film about your son’s favorite toy, what else do you want?”

I'm not sure what to think, really. On the one hand, Mr. DiSalvo is directing, and that's very exciting. On the other hand, does Playmobil really have the limitlessness of Lego? Sure it's a building toy and you can do a lot of things with it, but Lego really is massive. What made The Lego Movie such a great film wasn't just the fact that it wasn't a cynical 90-minute commercial for the product, but because it took full advantage of Lego's infinite possibilities. Lego is one of the very toys where you can really use your imagination and do whatever you want, no different from... *GASP* Animation!

The Lego Movie was very much about that, too. That theme is pretty much the whole movie. What are these other toy-based movies going to operate off of? Playmobil could function well as a fun romp, as long as it's well-made and is palatable to adults, but Lego Movie set an insanely high bar. Will this Playmobil movie be thematically rich in some way? Or will it just be a fun time at the flicks?

I'm not quite on board right now, but again, DiSalvo is directing. That right there is enough to get me a little interested.

As for a release date? The plan is to have it out in late 2018.

What say you? Are you looking forward to a Playmobil movie? Do you think it can't work? Sound off below!

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  1. As a life long play Mobil player I always found it to be more limitless than legos. Play Mobil pieces were bigger, thus harder to lose and went better with other toys. Also the play Mobil small pieces were more diverse (Some swords were lighter or heavier). Every play Mobil toy could be used for so many different purposes (a flag pole for a spear) and it was easier to make that happen than it was with lego.