Wednesday, February 10, 2016

'Zootopia' Clips Review: Size Matters, Stereotyping, Animals Puns, and More

With the newest clip for Zootopia out, I figure I'd go over all of them. 

If you are new here, let me put my anticipation for Zootopia into mere little sentences. This is a Walt Disney Animation Studios film that is trying something new and fresh (the buddy cop genre), and setting it in a compelling world where there are no humans, a world where animals essentially became like humans with civilizations mirroring ours. There appears to be lots of worldbuilding in this story, and I like seeing the 92-year-old establishment try new things. Keep moving forward...

Anyways, the whole planning of the titular city is astounding. Disney Animation's crew have determined everything, right down to the minute details. The new clip unveiled by Disney today focuses on one section of the city that we've heard about for a while: Little Rodentia. As we followers of this film have known up until this point, Rodentia is obviously the section for all the little rodents living in the big city. The clip says the rest...

It's a nice mix of fast-paced kinetic action that wasn't dissimilar to what we saw in Wreck-It Ralph and Big Hero 6, two other Disney animated films that go against the 90s grain that people are seemingly accustomed to. It also has a lot of strong cartoony animation too, what with Weaseltown avoiding all the pipes that the rodents use to get from place to place. Anyone get strong Futurama vibes there?

(Also, keep your eyes open for a little Frozen reference. There's probably even more I haven't caught yet!)

Anyways, this clip does a fine job of showing off just how well-thought out this city is, and how cool the action is going to be. Gotta have some action in your cop story!

The next clip shows something we've been hearing about for a while in full force: The film's overall themes of prejudice and even stereotyping. Disney Animation is and has been no stranger to good themes and messages, and this one is pretty bold I must say, though The Fox and the Hound tread very similar waters some 35 years ago.

Aside from the neat-looking lobby of Zootopia's police department and more spot-on character animation, it's good to know that the film is attempting to mirror real world prejudice and stereotyping to the dichotomy of predator and prey. It's a little on-the-nose, but it works. At least the theme is there, is integrated in a pretty clever way, and hopefully the script handles it well for the most part.

The next clip (which was actually the first one to be released) has some more fun stuff, and it's cool to see how it feels being a rabbit in a room full of huge animals. Again, everything is to scale, which adds a very unique touch to the city. This is a nice contrast with Robin Hood, where most of the animals are around the same size and height.

Plus, a nice map of the city itself! Look at all the little rivers running through the Rainforest District!

Lastly, here's Judy arriving to the big city...

Just a lot of detail to marvel at, there.

What do you think of these clips? Are you looking forward to Walt Disney Animation's next? Sound off below!


  1. Still disappointed at the lack of non-mammals.

    1. they need to eat after all, and they can't eat each other. other animals are gonna have to become food.