Saturday, March 26, 2016

Animals v Superheroes: 'Zootopia' Looks To Hold On Quite Nicely

The gift continues to keep on giving, doesn't it?

Batman v Superman may be taking names at the box office right now, but lo and behold, Walt Disney Animation Studios' latest once again shows just how strong its word-of-mouth is. Zootopia looks to drop around 33-36% this weekend with a roughly $22-25 million haul.

Update (3/27/2016): Estimated total is $23 million, 37% drop. Amazing.

At the movie theater I work at, it's consistently jamming, even on dead days! Again, it really has struck a chord for many reasons, some of which being rather obvious at this point.

It literally has two more weeks all to itself, and if it keeps up, it'll be close to $300 million stateside by the time the Mouse House releases their live-action Jungle Book. Worldwide, it's just a mere $12 million away from topping Big Hero 6's lifetime gross. I think the mid-800s is where this one lands, which is excellent for any animated film, let alone a movie that's not based on any pre-existing source material.

Also the highest grossing animated movie at the Chinese box office, it's worth nothing that the country's highest grossing release is a picture called Mei ren yu (The Mermaid), which made over $520 million there. Zootopia made over $170 million there so far, who knows how high an animated movie could go over there now. Probably not Mermaid high, but still, it opens up some possibilities I think. We might see something topple $200 million there soon, maybe even $300 million.

Meanwhile, Kung Fu Panda 3 closes in on $140 million domestically and has now passed the $400 million threshold worldwide, giving DreamWorks another success on their road to recovery. Let's hope Fox's marketing department can get people interested in the studio's $120 million-costing Trolls, because with just a blah teaser out, I'm not sure how that's going to open, let alone how it'll fare against Marvel's Doctor Strange.

Next up is Ratchet & Clank, but I get the sense that this will open low, as the marketing is rather minimal. Fans of the series will probably be there, so at the moment I'm expecting a mid-10s opening. I hope to be surprised, for I want to see more animated movies based on video games happening. Our next biggie should be The Angry Birds Movie, before Finding Dory comes in like a sea storm.


  1. At this rate, do you think that maybe Ratchet and Clank will be pulled from Gramercy's slate? Personally, I think it could happen, but I can't see it happening. When I saw Batman vs Superman at one of my local Regal houses yesterday, I saw a poster for it whereas I've never seen a poster for The Little Prince in any of the two Regals near me, ditto Underdogs. I have seen the trailers for them in both theaters before though.

  2. Just to $ 2,368,303 to reach $700 millions... wow