Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Diving Back In: 'Finding Dory' Full Trailer Debuts

Well, it's finally here! The first full trailer for Finding Dory!

Before I start, I will just say this. I'm used to American trailers for animated movies not being good indicators of a film's quality. This is a thing with Pixar, Disney Animation, DreamWorks, the whole shebang. I don't really go off of marketing, because tons of poorly marketed films or films with unappealing trailers end up being good in my eyes. This new trailer for Pixar's sequel is perhaps not very good, but I don't care. I'm only there for the footage and the peeks at what's in store. We can all marvel at the eventual Japanese trailer some time later.

Anyways, I'm pretty satisfied. The animation is lovely and crisp much like it was in the original (which, unlike a good number of at-the-time CG films, still looks like it could've been made today), whale shark Destiny looks like she'll be a riot, and the scenes set in the marine biology institute look like a lot of fun as well. The touch tank bit is particularly funny (though what the heck is a spiky fish doing in there? Haha.), alongside septopus Hank's crawl around the counter.

With me and trailers, I'm more interested in what they show rather than how its presented. Trailers aren't aimed at me, they're aimed at the general public. Anyways, I look for little things. All the hints at stuff, the locations, where the movie will go, etc. What's also great about the trailer is that it shows the film is keeping in line with its predecessor, and has a similar sense of humor while having that epic scope. There are some hints at that classic Pixar emotion too, but it is subdued here.

I was looking forward to the film prior to the trailer, because I like the film's idea and I think it actually has a lot of potential to be one of the all-time great sequels. To me, this is truly the next Toy Story 2-esque sequel for Pixar. If a Finding Nemo follow-up were to never happen, I wouldn't flinch, but... I think this film gives the studio a lot to work with, whereas Monsters University (a film I love) was a prequel and we all know how it's going to end, and Cars 2 was one of those "it could go either way" situations. This on the other hand, especially with Andrew Stanton at the helm, has the potential to do something really cool. Explore new worlds, introduce new faces, expand on the characters!

In Toy Story 2, we learned about Woody's past, we were introduced to great new characters, we saw development on our favorites from the first film, and the story was sharp. While Toy Story is indeed a heartfelt film, Toy Story 2 aimed even higher with the emotions, really hitting you with Jessie's story and character. Guess what? Toy Story 2 was a movie that Disney literally forced Pixar into making, and we got gold. Finding Dory can be just as great, and then some.

Either way, I'm all for it at this point. What did you think of the trailer?

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  1. The footogage looks amazing the shots of the dorys memories are awesome and the shots of the sea is amazing. The tráiler was too short I guess that a long tráiler will come out with Jungle Book but they dont need to spend a lot of money on the marketing because the movie will made a lot of money with nly one teaser ha ha ha.
    Btw I think that I saw a car under the wather, that could be an easter egg of cars 3