Friday, March 11, 2016

Flipping the Bird: First Trailer for 'Nerdland' Surfaces

Quite something to chirp about! A traditionally animated adults-only animated feature seems to be progressing!

A little while back, we heard that Titmouse was working on an adults-only animated feature that would earn its R rating. A film that promised gratuitous violence, sex, nudity, language... Ya know, the things that American adult animation normally relies on. It comes as no surprise, as Titmouse has done shows for Adult Swim such as Metalocalypse and the later seasons of Superjail!, shows that indeed justify their TV-MA ratings.

The feature in question is called Nerdland, and we got a little teaser for it last week... This is not a theatrical teaser, but rather a look at the film. There is no release date or distributor for it yet, but take a look...

Nerdland Trailer from Nerdland on Vimeo.

Yep, definitely looks like an Adult Swim cartoon blown up into a movie! The style of it is rather interesting, it kind of reminds me of Frederator's 2007 series The Meth Minute 39, actually. (If anyone reading even knows what that is, or remembers it.) Can't say much beyond that, because the teaser is simply a teaser in every way. No idea on what the story is, there are a few lines of dialogue present and that's it.

But... As I've said many times here before, I'm hoping this gets a wide theatrical release because there could be a boom of adult-oriented animated features on the horizon here in the states. The Seth Rogen-headlined raunchfest Sausage Party - a CG film - is being released by Sony, theatrically, in mid-August... Its success could lead to more adults-only animated features, more so than we've ever had before not counting TV adaptations. I reckon Sausage Party got ahead because of Rogen's involvement, and the fact that it's CG, but if this and other 2D films like it get the wide theatrical bump, I'll be a happy camper.

As long as it leads to a boom where we see adult animated features of all kinds, not just raunchy comedies aimed at teenagers. More Anomalisa-types, more Princess Mononoke-types, more Triplets of Belleville-types, more Akira-types, you know?

What did you think of the teaser? Do you think this will get a wide release? Sound off below!


  1. This post make my think When does the sausage party tráiler will come out ?? Maybe with neighbors 2.
    This tráiler looks very good to

    1. We've already gotten our first teaser for Sausage Party.
      According to Deadline Hollywood, it will have a pre-release screening on March 14th.

    2. Yes I saw the image thanks anyway.
      Seth rogen is My favorite comedian so I am hyped for sausage party

  2. I never listen nothing about this movie

  3. Well, this will probably depend on how well Sausage Party is a success or not. If it is (and given that its budget is reportedly under $30 million, I have little doubt that it will be), movie studios might be more willing to pick a movie like this one up for distribution and give it a proper promotion.