Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hangin' On: 'Zootopia' Heading for a Strong Second Weekend Drop [UPDATE]

It looks like Walt Disney Animation Studios really, really struck a chord with their 55th...

Zootopia, which collected a good $12 million yesterday (all the while keeping the #1 spot), is heading for a roughly $48 million haul for the weekend. Some sites are thinking it'll go as high as $52 million, either way the drop will be around 35%... Which is fantastic for a movie that happened to open with a high amount. In Zootopia's case, it was a great $75 million.

Update (3/13/2015): The estimated haul is $50 million, dropping only 33%!

Update (3/14/2015): Estimates were a bit off, $51 million, 31% drop! WHOA!

With that, the picture is currently trailing Finding Nemo's unadjusted domestic gross, and I reckon it'll finish with around $310-330 million stateside. A good 4.1-4.4x its opening weekend take. Splendid for an animated movie that's not a sequel or a film based on a pre-existing IP! Disney marketing certainly played their cards right here, a complete 180 from how they handled Pixar's The Good Dinosaur this past autumn.

Could it possibly be 2016's biggest non-sequel animated film at the domestic box office? Or will Moana topple that like a big wave? I have a feeling the animals could remain supreme here, folks.

I think it could hold on, for the film has no major PG-level competition until Disney's own The Jungle Book in mid-April, and it might even have a shot at staying in the top spot next weekend. The third Divergent, Allegiant, is getting terrible reviews and the previous film had weak legs... I have a feeling their openings could be close. Let's say Allegiant putters out at $35 million, and Zootopia holds ridiculously well and makes around that amount. I think that could happen! Batman v Superman will indeed bump it off a few points come March 25th, but it'll still hang on. Again, word of mouth is rock-solid. I think this one will continue to surprise.

Now, it's doing even better overseas. Already sitting at $89 million in China ten days into its release there, Zootopia is the studio's biggest film in that country, topping Big Hero 6, which collected $83 million in its entire run! Now all it needs to do is outgross Kung Fu Panda 3's stellar $153 million haul and become the highest grossing animated film in China! Not sure if it can do that, but the performance is really something to write home about.

Performing well in other countries like Russia and Mexico, it still has a few markets left to open in, such as... Let's see... The UK, Brazil, and Japan. With over $200 million overseas already, it's all set. How high it goes around the world, who knows. I'm thinking the picture finishes with over $300 million here, takes in around $450 million overseas, and gets close to $800 million worldwide. Bigger than Big Hero 6, and disregarding Lion King's re-release totals, the second highest-grossing Disney Animation film of all time.

Forgive the pun, but... It's a real animal at the box office right now.

How do you think it'll do in the long run?


  1. Saw it just now at Disney Springs (at Walt Disney World, which is pretty fitting). Very good movie.

  2. “Zootopia” is great, it is a marvel! I never get tired of saying it. I think it will keep the non-sequel supremacy during this year. I don’t know why but I don’t see “Moana” earning that amount of money. As you said, the picture is currently trailing Finding Nemo's unadjusted domestic gross, which reminds me something. How high will the reception of “Finding Dory”? I must admit that I have very high expectations/hype for this film. But sometimes I feel worried about it. I know it has been in the best hands. Andrew Stanton took his time, and many other talented people have contributed to this long-awaited sequel, including Rob Peterson and the very John Lasseter. I’ve been remember people saying that the bad reception/reviews of “The Good Dinosaur” was because being released unfairly a short time before one of the greatest film Pixar has ever made: “Inside Out”. I loved both of them. But I wonder, could this happen with “Zootopia” and “Finding Dory”? Pixar has never failed me, and it won’t start now. I’m betting that it will get a domestic $135 million opening at least and a risky $1,300 million worldwide, even without marketing. But what about the reviews and point of views of the plot, the conception and those things? Zootopia has 99% in Rotten Tomatoes, exactly the same as Finding Nemo. Could “Zootopia” become better than “Finding Dory”? Coincidentally, the protagonists are animals. I'm starting to see in the internet things like “X vs X”. It's not nice. I’d like to know your opinion and you should even write a post about it.


  3. Many Disney movies have been destroyed in Swedish.
    For when they were released on VHS the voices were rerecorded and it resulted in many very bad dubs. Movies that suffer
    from that include Pinocchio,Peter Pan and Oliver & Company among many others. These movies have been vandalized for vhs and it's really a tragedy.if you buy Alice in Wonderland in Sweden and watch it in Swedish you hear a very bad dubbing. The Black Cauldron and Peter Pan has it the worst. But it is nothing compared to the terrible awful dubbing of Asterix Versus Caesar
    That dubbing is really really bad. Brother Bear and The Toy Story movies are also very poorly dubbed. Porco Rosso,Kiki's Delivery Service and Whisper of the Heart also has poor low-budget inadequate dubbings which are not at all worthy of these films. orco Rosso,Kiki's Delivery Service and Whisper of the Heart really should have had much much better Swedish dubbs.

  4. how can it be a flop? Those people who are saying this are crazy. The films already grossed 431 million and March hasn't ended yet

  5. Actually, it dropped only 31,6% this weekind!

  6. I hope Moana is a box office success.