Monday, March 28, 2016

Holy Bricks, Batman! Another 'Lego Batman Movie' Teaser!

Surprisingly, it's even better than the first one...

The Lego Batman Movie looks to keep the irreverent spirit of The Lego Movie, while poking fun at Batman's rich history... And there's so much to mine from. That alone is enough to get me interested, although I'm not sure why WB didn't just make this the first teaser, but the more the merrier. The self-aware announcement of a new, immediate teaser was a nice cherry on top.

Anyways, can I just say that this picture looks gorgeous? I mean, The Lego Movie is such a pretty-looking film, complemented by its quirky, fun stop-motion feel despite being an all-CG production. This looks no different, and the Batman-y color palette they've brought to it is very nice, especially the reds and such. Gives off a real Batman: The Animated Series vibe, I think.

Not to mention it's laugh-out-loud hilarious. The picture comes from Robot Chicken alumnus and Lego Movie animation director Chris McKay, with a script from Seth-Grahame Smith (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - the book, not the film), and Phil Lord and Christopher Miller producing. It looks to be a whole lot of fun, and hopefully most theater owners swap the first teaser with this when assembling their Batman v Superman prints.

This went from "it looks like it could be fun" to "I gotta see this!" on my list.

What do you think of the teaser?


  1. I will be disapointed if they dont do a parody of Everithing is awesome with " Everithing is batman"

  2. Yeah, after this trailer, I really wanna see this movie now!

    I loved them referencing the previous Batman films, I loved hearing Ralph Fiennes' Alfred, and I loved the colors of the manor.

    1. Oh Hey mark is me sebapixar from tweeter.
      You are right the forth wall joke about the other batmans was really funny, hotel transilvanya 2 also did a joke about the batman movie I think

  3. I'm confused about something. Is this movie about the Batman minifig character from The LEGO movie, or is it a Batman movie that just happens to have the characters rendered as LEGOs?