Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hopping High: 'Zootopia' Takes In $19M on Opening Day, $75M For The Weekend!

Disney marketing certainly played their cards right... Zootopia is gonna leap like a rabbit... No wait, an impala at the box office this weekend!

Taking in $19 million for the opening day, analysts are predicting that there will be a surge for this great new Disney animated gem. Deadline says that the film is eyeing $70-74 million for the weekend, while Box Office Mojo says rival studios think it'll be in the upper 70s region. This will make it not only the biggest debut for a March animated release (topping The Lorax, which posted a $17 million opening day, $70 million weekend), but also the biggest for a Disney Animation film unadjusted.

This puts it up in the league of big non-sequel animation openings. The Lion King's $40 million opening in 1994 adjusts to $88 million today. Pixar classics Finding Nemo and The Incredibles' opening weekend takes adjust to over $95 million today, Inside Out took in $90 million on its opening weekend last year.

Zootopia will sit alongside films like Up, Cars, and WALL-E. All of those films' debuts adjust to over $75 million today. Disney Animation has a huge hit on their hands, and that's to say nothing of how it's going over in other parts of the world. It has a strong A CinemaScore grade too, probably a lot of adult appeal given its story and what it tackles (and believe me, the film is magnificent), and then some. I expect the film to pull a 3.5x mutliplier at the least, which would land it, should it open with $70 million minimum, in the mid-240 region. I think this one, however, is going to have some serious traction. It also has little-to-no major PG competition until Disney releases their live-action Jungle Book in mid-April. Should give it plenty of time to really hang in there! Even after Jungle Book opens, it'll still do quite well.

Big Hero 6 scored a 3.9x multiplier, I can see this landing in the 4.0-4.1 region like Tangled did. It seems to have it all: Talking animals, a unique location, humor, action, and a timely and great message.

We shall see, come tomorrow...

[UPDATE 3/6/2016] Now here we are, Sunday!

Estimates say the picture has collected a fantastic $73 million. Coincidentally, Disney's own Robin Hood was released in 1973. Falls right in line with most of the predictions, and it still makes it the biggest unadjusted opening for a Walt Disney Animation Studios film.

[UPDATE 3/7/2016] Actuals are in... $75 million!

This is big.

With strong word of mouth, this is going to hold up something fierce. With a Wreck-It Ralph multiplier (3.8x), it'll score over $288 million. This is damn great for a non-sequel animated film that also happens to not be based on a pre-existing IP. If it performs like Tangled, it could cross $310 million domestically. Imagine that!

C'mon Disney Animation, you can do it!

How much do you think it could make?


  1. I wish that Zootopia didnt ruins Kung fu panda 3 box office, because alredy they had $315,398,840 and maybe it will end up with 400.000.000 wich isnt bad but the studie need more money and if they release trolls with D.S., a movie called BOSS BABY and The Croods 2 with Star Wars VIII Is like they want to shut down

    On the other hand hurray zoootopia is amazing and is going to get a lot of money yay disney!!!

  2. I dont know much about box office. Maybe Kung fu panda 3 is doing well i dont know

    1. 'Kung Fu Panda 3' has already collected $300m without the aid of European grosses. It's sure to do fine over there, and bring the picture past $500m worldwide.

    2. Tanks its good to hear that DreamWorks is doing well