Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I Am Satisfied With This News: 'Big Hero 6' TV Series Coming in 2017

A Big Hero 6 TV series is coming... On a scale of one to ten, how do you rank your excitement?

Big Hero 6, to me, is a rare Walt Disney Animation Studios that seems to set up a sequel. It's an origin story and it knows it, the film ends where Hiro Hamada and his group of crime-fighters take off on an adventure. Now it could be argued that Team Emeryville's The Incredibles did the same thing, but I think The Incredibles' ending was more of an affectionate poke at the old serials and their cliffhanger endings. The Incredibles wasn't an origin story, either.

That being said, various folks who gave us Big Hero 6, mainly directors, told us the usual. The sequel will only happen when they have a good idea, but I'm sure one is in store. Frozen 2 is the only sequel that WDAS has announced, Wreck-It Ralph 2 may not have been confirmed by Disney themselves but it is a thing. Big Hero 6... Returns... Will probably happen.

Anyways, Variety reports that the TV series will be executive produced by Kim Possible creators Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle. CCO of Disney Channels Worldwide Gary Marsh said "We are thrilled to have the opportunity to further develop these characters into a world-class animated series — full of fun, action and the kind of endearing storytelling that only Mark, Bob — and Baymax — can deliver."

Hopefully the show serves a purpose, because Big Hero 6 - like any good Disney animated film - had some weight and had its rougher moments. I guess the series will be more action and humor-based, but then again Disney TV Animation showed us with Gravity Falls (not to mention what Cartoon Network is doing/has done with Adventure Time and Steven Universe) that you can mix humor, action, and really good, very sophisticated storytelling. I hope Big Hero 6 follows suit.

Also, I hope its animation style evokes anime, because the film itself has a bit of an anime flavor to it.

Unsurprisingly, it'll debut on Disney's tailor-made-for-young-boys channel Disney XD. Big Hero 6 itself kind of has that vibe to it, too, but not in a bad way as the film is very good. What's cool about a Big Hero 6 TV series happening is that it's yet another Disney animated film getting an animated series in this day and age. Before The Lion Guard premiered, the last show based on a Disney animated feature was 2006's The Emperor's New School, and a few years before that there was a Lilo & Stitch. An anime series called Stitch! launched in Japan in 2008, which Disney TV Animation did not work on, only Madhouse.

Now we have two Disney animated movie-based shows coming in 2017, this and the Tangled TV series, which looks good based on the one image we got a little while back. It's only a matter of time until Frozen gets the TV show treatment, ditto Wreck-It Ralph even. This is basically the 90s all over again, when Disney was scoring big hits at the box office and they got TV shows later on down the line: The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Timon & Pumbaa, Hercules, The Legend of Tarzan, etc.

Also coming in 2017 is a new DuckTales show, and of course Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh's new series Milo Murphy's Law will be up and running by that time. Disney TV Animation is firing on all cylinders right now.

Do you think a Big Hero 6 TV series could work? Do you think they'll eventually make a sequel? Sound off below!


  1. Now every animated movie gets a show, tangled, all the DreamWorks movies on netflix, ice age (the tv special) and even Underdogs (the argentinian movie) also will had a tv show

  2. I have a good idea for Bolt make a show actual episodes of the fictional show Bolt was starring in in the movie. That would be really cool.

    1. I would prefer if Cyrus did not reprise her role. Travolta would be expensive but many voice actors do great impressions. It could work.

  3. As long as they include Rocket Cat, I'm in:,

  4. From the moment I saw the film I've been clamoring for a TV series, and what do you know, it's actually happening! Incredibly excited to see this, as well as Tangled, DuckTales, and Milo Murphy. The future of Disney TV is looking bright, hopefully they start shifting their focus towards shows on par with Gravity Falls and away from all those dreadful teenybopper sitcoms.