Monday, March 14, 2016

Leaving The Moon: Oriental DreamWorks CCO Leaves For Huayi Brothers

The Chief Creative Officer of Oriental DreamWorks, longtime DWA and Fox exec Joe Aguliar, has left the moon...

He is now set to team up with the Chinese studio Huayi Brothers, one of the studios co-producing the 2017 animated feature Blazing Samurai. Huayi Brothers, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter earlier today, will being starting an animation studio, which Aguliar will be the CEO of. An 18-picture deal with distributor STX Entertainment has been inked! Makes me wonder of Illumination's dumped Uglydolls film will be part of this deal, as STX picked it up after the minion studio left it behind.

This is another huge deal. As more animated pictures do smashing business in China (Monkey King: Hero is Back, Kung Fu Panda 3, and Zootopia being fine examples), their movie industry wants in. Huayi Brothers is one of the biggest film divisions over there, too, if not the biggest! Another Chinese-American studio called Original Force Animation fired up last year, and they have a few pictures on their slate already, with one - Duck Duck Goose - eyeing a release sometime this year or next year. (Probably next year.)

Steve Hulett of the TAG Blog suggests that they'll eventually set up shop here in the states, which would firmly plant the studio in the ground.

Watch even more studios start up. Soon, these little guys from around the world should be sitting alongside the heavies. Heck, Illumination might quite the call when they folded the French house Mac Guff into their division. Perhaps some other studios might follow suit? STX is a fine example of a small distributor doing well, maybe more can be homes for international and small-scale animation? Heck, STX might pick up The Little Prince now that I think about it.

What's your take on all this?

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  1. I figured that STX would do an animated film eventually. I pretty much figured the same thing when I first heard the name "Open Road" back in 2012.