Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New Fronds: 'Finding Dory' Images Reveal New Characters, Short Film Attached

As summer gets closer and closer, Pixar sees the need to show us more of their fishy sequel that's sure to crash the box office like a massive tidal wave...

Pixar, through USA Today, has revealed some more faces from Finding Dory, and who will be voicing them, in addition to giving us better looks at characters we've already seen.

You might've already seen of these some of these "newly-revealed" characters, because some folks out there who attend toy and marketing expos found merchandise weeks and weeks ago. Merchandise that showed some of the following.

First off, here's a better look at Dory's parents, Jenny (Diane Keaton) and Charlie (Eugene Levy).

Definitely a little more odd-looking than I expected. Dory actually looks - shape-wise - a lot like actual regal blue tang fish, so I like that they went with a little exaggeration for the parents' designs. At least they still look and feel like that species.

Next, we finally know who Dominic West and Idris Elba will be voicing... A pair of sea lions!

Named Rudder and Fluke, respectively, they'll be... "Guy Ritchie-type East London gangster" sea lions?

One thing that has always fascinated me about Finding Nemo is this. Many of the characters, despite being fish in the ocean, have overly human-like roles or attitudes. The three sharks have AA-like meetings and are vegetarians, Mr. Ray's a scientist, the turtles are laid-back hippie nomads, the pelicans are like commoners, seagulls are like feral scavengers... Now we're being introduced to sea lions that are like East London gangsters out of a Guy Ritchie film... I wonder how that's going to work.

Stanton pretty much cast the two because he loves The Wire and wanted his film to be a reunion of sorts, Elba also starred in Disney Animation's latest, voicing police chief Bogo. It's cool to see him doing more voice work in animation, as he was excellent as the cape buffalo in Team Burbank's film.

Next up are the fowl that will be like the seagulls in the first film, the loons. Here's one named Becky. Appropriately nutty-looking, she sports a pretty gnarly design...

Quite a contrast with the Aardman-inspired designs of the seagulls. It's interesting that at least one of them has a name, hinting that they might be more crucial to the story than the seagulls were. The seagulls are kind of a proto-Minions group in a way, but thankfully director Andrew Stanton and the crew at Pixar didn't overdo them. Under the wrong hands, the seagulls could've easily overstayed their welcome. Hopefully the loons are handled well, too.

Another group will show up as well... A group of cuddly sea otters.

Stanton of course knows that sea otters certainly aren't cuddly in real life... "The truth is, otters are quite vicious. But no one wants that to be true. So we didn’t follow that... The otters ended up being more successful as cute creatures that just stare at you. We knew the effect they have on people."

The ones pictured above are babies, so I assume we'll be seeing a lot of adult otters too. If you want a more vicious, more accurate animated otter, go see Zootopia, haha. Anyways, the designs are ridiculously cute. That is all I have to say about that.

Lastly... We can now rest easy, for Finding Dory will have a short film attached...

I guess we'll get the name of it soon, but it's good to know that one is attached. "Pretty dang special", eh? Prior to this announcement, I had assumed that Pixar could attach the still-unreleased Cars short To Protect and Serve to the movie, since the next Pixar film - currently, anything can change - after Finding Dory is Cars 3, and that the short could function as a semi-teaser for it in the same way DreamWorks' Almost Home was for Home. This announcement pretty much rules that out now, so maybe Pixar will end up showing it on TV or Disney Movie Anywhere like they did with the last Cars short.

What do you think of these character reveals? What kind of short do you think we'll see before Finding Dory? Sound off below!

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