Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sparking Interest: ToonBox's Spark to Screen at TAAFI in April

ToonBox... Who is ToonBox? And what is Spark?

Those in the know are aware that ToonBox is a Canadian animation studio, who gave us The Nut Job, a co-production with a Korean studio called Red Rover. The film might've been poorly received, but it was tiny-budgeted and it made it all back. Pleased with its success, ToonBox announced that they'd pursue more animated feature film projects including a sequel to The Nut Job that mysteriously disappeared from its original 1/15/2016 slot. The sequel will probably show up sometime next year in a quieter stretch.

For a while, they've been working on a galactic monkey picture called Spark, which at one point was set to be a 2015 release, until they said it would be out some time this year. I saw a tiny bit of footage from it a while back that actually looked pretty decent, though unfortunately it was pulled. We heard little on it, and no distributor has picked it up and given it a concrete release date...

Well, it appears that the film has been completed, for it will be screening at the Toronto Animation Arts Festival International on April 22nd...

A full plot synopsis is also available...

"Thirteen years ago, the power-mad General Zhong seized control of Planet Bana and tore it to pieces in the process. Now splintered into hundreds of shards, Zhong is Bana's evil overlord, ruling with an iron fist. Enter Spark, a teenage monkey and his friends, Vix, a battle-ready fox, and Chunk, a tech-savvy pig. Spark learns of Zhong's secret plan to take over the universe by capturing a giant space monster known as the Kraken - a beast that has the power to create black holes. If Zhong manages to harness the Kraken's power, he'll have history's deadliest weapon at his fingertips, and it's up to Spark and his friends to stop him. Spark's journey takes him to the farthest reaches of the universe, where he encounters great dangers and discovers the secret of his true identity. An action-packed space adventure full of humor and heart, Spark is the story of a boy who takes on great responsibility, and in the process, discovers his rightful place in the universe."

As I've said here before, I quite like what they're going for. I hope the execution itself is on par with that, and it could make for a fun spacey movie. But of course the big question looms... When is it coming out?

Who is distributing it? I think it'll probably be Open Road Films, who distributed The Nut Job. If anything, I can see them inking a mid-fall 2016 release date. Maybe sometime in October, should DreamWorks keep Trolls in that dodgy 11/4/2016 slot. If not, then maybe sometime in the first quarter of next year?

What say you?


  1. I am exited for it because I líked the nut job ( yes Its true líked the nut job)
    Also why the bottom of Sing out looks like the bottom of publish sometimes I writte a long comment and I accidentaly push Sing out and I have to writte it again

  2. Interesting. We really don't have enough animated sci-fi adventure movies, and if this one is made with a budget as low as that of The Nut Job, I imagine it'll probably be successful.

  3. Why do u think it will come out this fall? i think it will come out from may to july. Worldwide release.

    1. Summer is perhaps a little too crowded, fall I think is better for it.

  4. You are right. But vacation season is the best chance for animation studio. So i hope it will come out in summer for their benefit. ^^