Saturday, March 26, 2016

That Was Unexpected: 'Anomalisa' House to Make a Stop-Motion Movie About Michael Jackson's Chimp

Wow... Now that's a subject I wouldn't have thought of.

Isaac Adamson penned a script called Bubbles last year, which is about Michael Jackson's life seen through his chimpanzee Bubbles' perspective. It had made the rounds last year, doing well on the Black List.

Dan Harmon and Starburns Industries, who helped bring Charlie Kaufman's adults-only stop-motion picture Anomalisa, want to - alongside End Cue - turn that script into a stop-motion film...

I'm actually on board this idea. This is quite the premise for an animated film, and refreshing in a world where most modern mainstream feature animation world gravitates towards familiar stories and things that aren't all that risky. An animated biopic, you might say, but one that's unlike any other biopic. Not to mention it's about a controversial person, and it's told through the eyes of his pet? C'mon, that just sounds so cool and different! I've heard that the script itself, from those who have read it, is very good.

It's also obvious that this film will definitely be adult-oriented, above PG, it probably will be an R. The project is currently without a director, but I suppose it'll pick one up soon.

Do you have any interest in this project?

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