Monday, March 21, 2016

The Flipside of 'Cars': Official 'Monster Trucks' Images Surface?

Paramount Animation, when they announced that they were ready to go full-steam ahead in 2012, made it clear that future projects would be kept in absolutely secrecy.

This has indeed been the case with the long pushed-back Monster Trucks, a Chris Wedge-directed live-action/animation hybrid with very minimal plot details circulating. Currently set to open on January 13, 2017, I had heard some reports saying that the film would be pretty similar to Cars, in that the 'Monster Trucks' in the movie are actually sentient.

On MediBadge's website (they're a company that makes stickers for doctors/dentists' offices), a collection of stickers for the film with a 2015 copyright on them - probably made back when the picture was still on for a spring 2016 release - have surfaced...

Also, the 50s-looking truck in these stickers... Appears in the set photos as well. That's the official logo for the film too, it showed up at the 2014 Licensing Expo and other places.

They must be real. I guess we have our first look at Paramount Animation's Monster Trucks... And be warned, they might pounce me for this, so look at the stickers before they possibly get pulled and I get some kind of email!

It appears that these will indeed be monstrous trucks, with tentacles and other creature features. I think that's kind of unique in a way, and hopefully the film lives up to that premise. I heard that when footage was shown at an expo some time ago, it didn't go over well, but who knows.

What do you think of this sorta-kinda first look?


  1. I was hopping that the first teaser were showed on The little Prince but it end up not happening

  2. they are literally using the concept of "MONSTERS" I though they were gonna be like on Cars