Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Trailer Train: Seas, Storks, Strings, and Sausages...

Four trailers, four animated features, all very different from each other...

Let's start with the one that's probably the safest and kiddiest of the bunch... The Wild Life.

What even is this movie? Lionsgate is distributing it, and it's a French-Belgian production from nWave Pictures... The... Creators of Fly Me to the Moon and the A Turtle's Tale movies, but I hear The House of Magic is alright. Most of their movies only got limited releases, and this film is actually supposed to be called Robinson Crusoe, as it is an adaptation of that story... But with critters. Lots of 'em.

The trailer actually was alright up until the tapir butt joke, but then the rest wasn't horrible, just colorful and noisy and kinda dull. It's opening September 9th, it looks like a kids-only movie. Not shocking, coming from Lionsgate, who distributed such stellar animated classics like Norm of the North! Happily N'ever After! Alpha and Omega! I wonder if the original dub is of any significance. It's been playing for a few weeks in Germany and other European territories. Anyone see it?

Anyways... Out of the way release date, bland title, seemingly meh dub, this looks like a bit of a pass. Nice animation, though.

Next up, Warner Animation Group's next...

Just an alright little tease. Not really much of a trailer, but some of the comic bits are fun and very Looney Tunes-esque. I'm on board simply because the teaser worked well, Doug Sweetland and Nicholas Stoller are directing, and WAG knocked it out of the park with The Lego Movie. The story seems pretty simple and straightforward, I'm just curious to see what they do with it.

Now, onto the epics... LAIKA has really pulled out all the stops, because Kubo and the Two Strings looks like their biggest film yet... Not only does it look big, but it also looks beautiful. Not surprised, for this is LAIKA...


Yes, it looks really awesome! This trailer definitely shows the darker and creepier side of the movie, as LAIKA is no stranger to frights. I'm sure this will give many tots nightmares, but there's some good humor in here too. Yes, it looks like LAIKA - four films in - is ready to go big or go home. If the story and character work adds up to the ambitions, then it'll be a masterpiece. Zootopia might just have some legitimate competition now...

Lastly... Kids, get the hell out of here! The trailer for that long talked about Seth Rogen-driven R-rated animated comedy Sausage Party is finally here! It's a red-bander, too!

I absolutely love how this trailer begins with such a sunny atmosphere, making it feel like your run-of-the-mill family-friendly animated film... Then they got home, and BOOM! You know from there, pardon my language, that this movie won't f*ck around. At all. The whole cooking/eating scene is like a little horror movie! The rest is hilarity. It looks like it'll be tons and tons of fun, creative too. They really pretty much made a demented "what if" movie here, the 180 of something like Toy Story. It also looks like our medal for braving Foodfight!

The work-in-progress cut of the film went over extremely well when screened at SxSW. Reactions have been through the roof, it appears that this won't be a typical "Hey look! Cartoon characters swearing!"-type picture, it'll be something fresh, and dare I say it, bold! I couldn't be any more excited now, and now it seems like the film will be a box office champ. Viva la adults-only animation!

So long as it leads to adult animated films of different genres and tones, of course.

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  1. Wild life: doesnt call my attention but the animation looks better than in fly me to the moon
    Storks: I didint líked the teaser but this call my atention. I need to see more
    Kubo: this tráiler is better than the last one. This movie will be magical
    Sausage Party: this will be f*king awesome