Saturday, April 9, 2016

Live. Die. Repeat. Repeat.: 'Edge of Tomorrow' Sequel A Go?

Edge of Tomorrow is apparently still getting the sequel treatment.

My previous post was about Kingsman getting a sequel, and how I thought that very film was one of the better, "big" action films of the last few years. Edge of Tomorrow is one, to me, as well. When I first saw the trailer for the film - as I had previously known the film was at one point called All You Need is Kill - I wasn't impressed. All I saw was "alien war, typical gritty sci-fi setting, yadda yadda yadda." The second trailer didn't do much either, even though I found the time-loop angle of the premise to be the only thing that was remotely interesting.

Clearly the trailers didn't do it for others, either. The picture opened with a weak $28 million, as it had cost around $178 million to make and probably another $100 million to market. WB pulled another Pacific Rim with the marketing, as they did the same to other recent big budget flicks like (quality notwithstanding) Jupiter Ascending, Pan, and In the Heart of the Sea.

But something happened... The Doug Liman-directed sci-fi actioner hung on... It made over 3.5x its opening weekend gross, which is fantastic for a picture like this. It hauled $100 million domestically and fared even better overseas, making $370 million worldwide. Not bad for a film that went under everyone's radars in the beginning. Why did it hang on?

It was really good. When I saw the outstanding critical reception, I was shocked. I now really had to see this film. I caught it in theaters, and was so glad I did... Edge of Tomorrow is a fresh blockbuster, one that works wonders with its premise, has great performances, a very sharp script that mixes in a lot of great dark humor, and eschews the cliches current non-Marvel blockbusters go for. The characters were interesting, each situation was suspenseful and thrilling, the movie was almost like playing a video game. Every time Tom Cruise's lead died, I was excited to see how he would fare the next time. Every time he dies, you kind of groan inside, as if you were thinking "Ahhhhh he made it that far!"

However, a sequel was reported for a little while, and I found it hard to believe that one was on the docket. Why would WB make a sequel to a film that technically lost money at the box office? Very rarely do studios in this day and age consider legs, unless the picture happened to really make its money back. Even weirder, the new announcement came just mere days after WB said they would call it quits on films that weren't tied to any franchises, only letting favorites like Christopher Nolan make films like that. I would think a sequel to a film like Edge of Tomorrow would be the last thing on their big plans right now.

Edge of Tomorrow 2 is set to be directed by Liman, with a script from Race scribes Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse. Christopher McQuarrie, who co-wrote the first one and often collaborates with Mr. Cruise, is set to contribute to the script as well. If Liman is indeed directing, then this will have to wait. Why's that?

Gambit. Fox initially wanted this X-Men Universe installment to open this coming autumn, but problems came about and the first director - Rupert Wyatt of Rise of the Planet of the Apes fame - left the chair, Liman filled in last autumn upon completing the filming of his Mena, which Universal is releasing in January. Not too long ago, Fox announced a new blockbuster slate that had Gambit in the TBD pool while new dates were inked for currently undetermined X-Men films. Dates like 10/6/2017 and 1/12/2018.

Right now, the still-untitled third Wolverine solo film is set for March 2017, and another untitled film is set for 7/13/2018 (though that should've been moved ages ago, since Marvel intends to open a film of their own the week before). I think what will happen is, we'll get Wolverine when expected, and Gambit will be the fall 2017 film. Then we get Deadpool 2 in early 2018 (they were able to bang the first one out and still get a high quality film, so I think they can do the same here if that's the date it ends up getting), and then something like New Mutants or X-Force, whatever they decide to do, will be the summer 2018release.

So if Gambit hits in fall 2017, Liman can move right into Edge of Tomorrow 2, and that picture hits in - say - in late 2018 or summer 2019. Kind of a while, but it indeed happening is all the matters. What could two possibly be about? Who knows. The film follows the source material - the 2004 manga All You Need is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka - quite closely, so they'll probably come up with an all-new storyline, which would be cool if it measures up to the first. It would also be cool if they used the original manga title too, to make up for the dull title they ended up giving the movie.

On a side note, WB seemed to backtrack on that. On the Blu-ray cover it looks like the movie is called Live. Die. Repeat., or Live. Die. Repeat.: Edge of Tomorrow. When it was playing on HBO, the guide said the long LDR: EOT title. iTunes and other venues list it like that, too. Yet watch the film itself, the in-film title card still says Edge of Tomorrow!

Either way, I'm excited but a bit on the fence. What do you think of Edge of Tomorrow possibly getting a sequel?

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