Monday, April 4, 2016

Now That's More Like It!: New 'Zootopia' Documentary Surfaces

Feast your eyes, for Disney has given us a fantastic behind-the-scenes look at Zootopia...

Clocking in at 46 minutes (!), you can see this on TV tomorrow on Fusion. If you don't get Fusion, you can watch it here!

This is probably the best behind-the-scenes documentary for a Disney animated film in years...

It's leagues above the poppy, glitzy "documentaries" on the Blu-rays of most recent Disney animated features. This wowser presents the making of the film in a serious light, showing that filmmaking is no goofy, laughing matter at WDAS, it dives right in. It even gets to the nitty-gritty! Look at John Lasseter during a sweatbox viewing of a work-in-progress cut! He's eying that footage like a hawk! Check out that story room discussion too. Not easy stuff! The director removals at Disney Animation and Pixar begin to make a little more sense, to me.

Also covering the African research trip, the filmmakers' personal stories and how they relate to the film's narrative, and the visuals, it's so good.

It better on the upcoming Blu-ray release, that's for sure! Omitting it would be... Well... Wrong.

I also appreciated the amount of unused shots they decided to show, alongside many snippets of an earlier version of the film where predatory animals are forced to wear shock collars that keep them "in check". I talked about that in an earlier post, I felt that version would've been on the nose, and it sure seemed like it from the scenes they showed. That all being said, I hope there's a BD bonus feature that really explores that whole scrapped version. Scenes from that version was were even rendered, showing that the movie went through a major overhaul a little over a year before its completion.

Yet the press won't say a negative word, but they'll look at certain other animated movies and say "they were doomed from the start!" when they went through similar roadblocks. Predictable, they are.

One slight disappointment was that they didn't quite dive into the earliest iteration of the story, the "Savage Seas"/"Savage City" treatment, a story that followed the adventures of a spy jackrabbit to an island. Why did it get scrapped? The early act of it, as they explain in the doc, took place in Zootopia. The story trust liked the city a lot and preferred to have the whole film set there. I hope there's a Blu-ray bonus dedicated to that, or if they make a sequel, they integrate the ideas from that story into it.

Anyways, give it a watch!


  1. I didn't know Byron Howard was gay, and I'm sure no one else really knew either until they saw this documentary. However, all that matters to me is that he created a masterpiece with Zootopia. I think that's the message the film was trying to send. Whatever your political affiliation, religion, or what have you, the only thing that should matter is your talent. This is a movie that all sides of the political spectrum and all walks of life need to see.

  2. I didnt know that.. I was kinda surprised. Anyway, he is a good guy... and I loved the documentary. By the way, Zootopia fails to reach 800millions today... But tomorrow it will..

  3. I watched this. And I cried. It was absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Its just....a masterpiece of its own honestly.