Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sea Some More: Japanese 'Finding Dory' Trailer Debuts

We all knew it was coming...

Finding Dory's Japanese trailer is up, and like Japanese trailers for Pixar's films (and Disney Animation's, too) it's easy on the eyes and ears, and that it's not ping-ponging you between jokes and story stuff, plus it emphasizes the inevitable emotional side of the film.

Though proceed with caution, there are some mild spoilers here, as we see a lot of escapades in the Marine Life Institute where a bulk of the film will take place. If that doesn't bother you, then feast your eyes on the new footage...

It just looks so different from its predecessor, and in such a cool, great way. I was actually onboard the film since the day Pixar officially announced it some three years ago (and that was back when they intended to release the picture in Thanksgiving 2015!), and the more I've seen and read of it, the more excited I got. The film will also have a particular theme that was brought up not too long ago, and that announcement got me even more thrilled to see it. I genuinely think this is going to be something special, sequel or not.

As for the footage itself? Standouts for me are the scenes with Hank getting Dory out, using all kinds of different methods. That escape sequence alone looks intriguing, as does the bit with the giant squid. (The recently-released cardboard lobby display, which I get to see everyday at work, for the film has it in the background if you look closely...) Another cool bit for me was the rollercoaster-looping current, I can only how Pixar's going to use 3D with that one! (Given that animation normally does wonders with 3D, unlike a lot of recent post-converted live-action movies.)

Visually it looks tip-top. The institute looks absolutely gorgeous, as do the seas. Finding Nemo, after all these years, is still - in my mind - one of the best-looking computer animated films ever, even if some elements may not hold up due to where tech was at the time. Finding Dory, as expected, is going to be one heck of a visual wowser.

What did you think of this trailer?

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  1. It was 22:30, I was about to go to sleep and then I see a tweet for Everithing Pixar about the new japanse trailer, I was until 1:00 watching it over and over again