Saturday, April 9, 2016

Under the Ice: Concept Art/Posters for 'Arctic Justice' Surface


Alright, what the heck is this?

Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad...

The title alone makes you go "What?"

As does the wacky poster.

This really slipped under my radar, I have not even heard of this project till today. Apparently the cast for the thing, which is being made by a Canadian studio called AMBI Pictures, was announced back in May 2015. It consists of James Franco, Alec Baldwin, Omar Sy, Anjelica Huston, John Cleese, Heidi Klum, and several others.

What is it about?

"Swifty the Arctic fox works in the mail room of the Arctic Blast Delivery Service but dreams of one day becoming a Top Dog (the Arctic’s star husky couriers). To prove himself worthy of the Top Dog role, Swifty secretly commandeers one of the sleds and delivers a mysterious package to a mysterious location. He stumbles upon a secret fortress where he comes face to face with Doc Walrus, a blubbery evil genius who walks around on mechanical legs and commands a loyal army of oddly polite puffin henchmen. Swifty soon discovers Doc Walrus’ plan to melt the polar ice caps and flood the world in order to reign as supreme leader. Now, Swifty has to enlist the help of his friends: PB, an introverted polar bear, Lemmy, a scatterbrained albatross, Sal and Weez, two conspiracy theorist otters and Jade Fox, a tough as nails mechanic. This ragtag group of Arctic misfits has to band together to stop Doc Walrus’ sinister plans and save the day."

Sounds very silly, cartoony, and bonkers, and if done right, it could be a fun little treat. Though this movie isn't due out until roughly 2018, there's a lot of stuff here via Teaser-Trailer... Have a look!

I don't know about you, but I think this one actually has some potential. For some reason I get a real Crash Bandicoot vibe from the concept art, among other video games I played years and years ago that had that sort of feel. That very "set in a world where anything goes" kinda tone. Also, the character design isn't too bad. It looks pretty appealing, I must say, even if the story sounds a bit been-there done-that. What they do with it matters to me.

Longtime animator who worked on some of the early 2000s DreamWorks features - both 2D and CG - and several other projects here and there, Dimos Vrysellas, is directing the picture. The writers of Escape from Planet Earth, Bob Barlen and Cal Brunker, will handle the script. That could dash some hopes, but sometimes I tell myself... Is it the writers? Or is it the studio heads making movies like Escape from Planet Earth not that good?

Anyways, it's pretty far from its release date so it's too early to really tell. We probably will get some kind of "teaser" this year. With little movies like these, you sometimes get a unique teaser straight from the studio itself and not a distributor. For example, ToonBox had a video for their upcoming Spark on their site a year back. The picture is still without a distributor and concrete release date, even though it's completed and will screen later this month at a film festival.

Arctic Justice could be cool, it could be okay, it could be another throwaway kiddie flick that few people notice in mid-January. Who knows! I got to admit, the title and the premise are kinda odd and cool, and it does look a little over-the-top in a good way. What do you think of this project?


  1. As for a distributor, my best guess right now is Lionsgate. What do you think?

    *crosses fingers in hope that Weinstein doesn't get it*

  2. I can't believe I'm saying this, but this looks like it could be HILARIOUS id it's done right.

  3. I hope the Weinstein Bros. don't pick it up for distribution. They would probably butcher it to all hell.