Monday, April 4, 2016

Not So Fast!: Warner Animation Plans All-Animated 'Speedy Gonzalez' Film

Warner Bros. have yet to give us a proper, feature-length Looney Tunes animated movie.

The previous Looney Tunes films were either compilation features made up of previously released shorts (i.e. 1979's The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie), or live-action/animation hybrids (Space Jam, Back in Action), right now Warner Bros. are at work on a hybrid film called Acme, which is all about the company where Wile E. Coyote gets his backfiring products. There's also the scrapped hybrid Marvin the Martian film that was in the works prior to its shutdown in 2011.

So now they want to go forward with an all-animated Speedy Gonzalez film...

Right now they have producers attached, and Mexican filmmaker Eugenio Derbez is set to voice the titular mouse. Knowing the current American animation climate, it'll probably be a CG film.

An interesting choice for a feature film, for they could just do a movie about Bugs and Daffy. Or Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner, heck even Foghorn Leghorn. Speedy's kind of an out-of-left-field choice, and probably a controversial one too given the character being a stereotype... Though it was recently discovered that Speedy is quite big in Latin America, to the point where he was considered a "cultural icon".

Anyways, what else does Warner Animation Group plan to do with the Looney Tunes? There's this and Acme, but what else? Will they think of doing more all-animated films centering around one or two characters? If they do so... What if they all lead up to a film where all the Looney Tunes share the screen? The Looney Tunes shorts didn't have the gang all together, so a series of films about the individual characters actually makes sense... That is, if WB plans to do just that. I'm surprised that they simply haven't announced a Bugs & Daffy film... And maybe have that film have Looney Tunes cameos. (i.e. Speedy Gonzalez appears for a second, maybe someone like Gossamer.)

Do you think this will lead to bigger things? Or do you think this is just some kind of one-off thing? What would you like to see Warner Animation do with Looney Tunes? Sound off below!


  1. Speaking of Looney Tunes, didn't Warner Bros. announce Space Jam 2 a while back?