Sunday, May 1, 2016

Box Office Report: 'Ratchet & Clank' Crashes, 'Zootopia' Roars Again

With Ratchet & Clank finally out, I figured I'd cover the box office for animation this year so far.

I'm really bummed about how Ratchet & Clank is doing.

Focus/Gramercy really tossed it and gave it such an ineffective marketing campaign, and here's my major gripe. The film was completed since summer 2015, yet the distributor opted to release it the week before Captain America: Civil War, and also a few weeks after The Jungle Book, which is currently doing so well... February 2016 was open! Why didn't they opt for a quieter spot?

Some might say "Well they knew it was going to be a bad film, so they wanted to kill it without anyone noticing." It is true that Ratchet & Clank has a really bad Rotten Tomatoes score and average rating, though the word I'm getting from fans of the game is "It was good!" It's also a strong 180 degree turn from the reboot of the game series that it's coinciding with, which has near-excellent critical reception from the game sites.

I have yet to see it, though I'm curious to see if it's just a decent romp or not. If it can't quite translate the depth of the game and the size of it, maybe it could still function as an okay adventure? Either way, this isn't terribly good, but...

The film only cost $20 million to make, and it looks damn impressive for a movie made on that kind of budget! I'm sure its legs will be cut off the minute Civil War bangs in, so hopefully the worldwide grosses get it past $40 million at least. It should double its budget because it's so low to begin with... Perhaps it could've, had the distributors not dumped it.

I also wanted it to do well because I think adapting video games into animated films is a really good idea, and that there's so much potential there. I can only imagine what this performance means for the Sly Cooper movie, which is also being made by the studios that made this - Blockade and Rainmaker. With Ratchet & Clank hitting this year, it should be set for early 2017... But I wonder if it's still going to happen. If it's mostly completed, I can see it going straight-to-video.

Team Disney on the other hand is roaring like Simba. Zootopia is still in the Top 10, at number six, pacing ahead of films that have opened long after it - such as Batman v Superman and The Boss. It sits at a super-impressive $323 million, and it only dropped an estimated 23%! Its biggest drop was 43%, and that was on the weekend The Jungle Book came out! At work today, each showing packed in lots and lots of people! It's really, really, really hanging on... If it hits $335 million, it will have made 4.4x it opening weekend, which is incredible for a film that opened with over $70 million!

Worldwide, it's still chugging. It's out in Japan now, though it posted a seemingly underwhelming opening there of $3 million. However, Big Hero 6 opened with $5 million and made a nice $76 million in the end, Frozen opened with $7 million and surpassed $200 million. This may have amazing legs there, or it may just come and go. Hopefully it's big enough to get the picture past the big billion. Do you think it could make it?

The Jungle Book pretty much counts as an animated feature, as everything except the actor playing Mowgli is CG. Everything. All done in one place in Los Angeles. So it's an animated "real-life" movie, pretty much "live-action but really isn't"... As Steve Hulett would say, the line has really been blurred, hasn't it? It's up to $252 million domestically and $684 million worldwide. Disney is certainly not phased by the box office loses of The Good Dinosaur and The Finest Hours. Civil War, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Finding Dory, will rocket them higher. This year is their year...

Kung Fu Panda 3 now sits at $509 million worldwide. Kind of an underwhelming total compared to the amounts the first two made (more than $620 million, the first of which achieved that without 3D, much lower ticket prices, and a much smaller international market), but good for DreamWorks. Everything's probably all set with them, now that a huge conglomerate has finally purchased them. Let's just hope the last of the Fox-distributed movies - should Universal not scoop them up a la Disney with the Marvel films that were originally set to be distributed by Paramount - do well.

Norm of the North closed in mid-March, collected $17 million, pretty much invalidating its wide theatrical release.

The Angry Birds Movie is next, and I think that will do okay at best. Maybe around the mid-to-high 30s, or maybe even a little higher. Taking the games away for a second, it just looks to be a fun colorful romp, so that should help it on opening weekend. Finding Dory, I think, is a shoe-in for the highest grossing animated film crown. Secret Life of Pets? I'm thinking Despicable Me 1 numbers. Ice Age: Collision Course? Lowest grossing entry domestically, but huge worldwide. I'll stop there.

What say you?


  1. Im not sure on the Alice thougt the looking glass box office, nobody sems to care on that movie, and on a JoeBlo poll were people vote how exited they are for upcoming movies this one has a 4/10 (and rachet and clank got a 6/10) and the trailers of the movie doesnt have to much views.
    If the movie has good reviews I think it could make some money but if it has like the first movie, I think its gonna flop

    1. I'm inclined to agree. The first Alice's success was a product of circumstance more than anything else: the 3D fad thanks to Avatar, the novelty (at the time) of taking a children's story and revamping it into a dark, action-oriented movie.
      None of that stuff is a guaranteed audience draw now, and as you pointed out, people just aren't all that excited about Alice.

    2. I don't think it's going to do anywhere NEAR as well as the first one, being the "perfect storm" juggernaut that it was. But I still think it's going to do great worldwide, more than enough to cover its costs. As for no one really being interested, though it's probably not an accurate gauge of how it'll do - at the theater I work at, I see A LOT of patrons reacting positively to the Alice posters. (Lots of "I/we gotta see that" reactions) It may not mean much, but I still think it could do good. Who knows. Prediction: Sub-$200m domestic gross.

  2. Now, Kung Fu Pand 3 has $409 million worldwide. What is wrong? Is it a mistake? :(