Saturday, May 21, 2016

Feathers Fly: 'Angry Birds' Collects $38 Million For The Weekend [UPDATE]

Pulling in a fine $11 million yesterday, The Angry Birds Movie is on track to win the weekend with around or over $40 million...

This is kind of a big deal, I think.

The company who created Angry Birds, the Finland-based Rovio Entertainment, financed a majority of this film, even the marketing costs... The film itself cost $73 million, and the picture does look very nice for something that size. The film has already taken in over $40 million overseas, and is sure to do some fine business up until mid-June. In fact, after some recent losses, this film will pretty much be what Rovio needs. Their future apparently depends on it!

Now, Nintendo themselves intend to fully finance their planned animated feature films, or as much as they can before securing a deal with a big distributor. The Angry Birds Movie, as it will land above a fine $38 million for the weekend, in a way could give them some kind of confidence with their game plan. Let's say it pulls a 3.2x multiplier at the very least, it'll take in over $120 million domestically and add in roughly $150 million overseas, $270 final gross, they'll make it back. Ahhh the joys of not spending $120 million+ on your animated features...

On the downside, the success of this film is already spinning the wheels at Hollywood... A Fruit Ninja movie is now being talked about, and you thought a Marshmallow Peeps movie sounded ridiculous...

Elsewhere in the animation box office, Zootopia's up to $972 million worldwide with a $333 million domestic gross as of yesterday, it needs another $28 million everywhere to get to the big billion and be not only a rare animated film to collect that amount, but also a rare film not based on any pre-existing IP to get there. If it gets there, Disney will now have two billion smashes this year. They might have 3, or maybe even 4 or 5, by the end of the year. Depends on how likes of Moana and Rogue One do...

Kung Fu Panda 3's up to $516 million, a far cry from the grosses of the first two, but still good for the film and the recovering DreamWorks - should finish up with around there, as it has been in release since late January.

Ratchet & Clank is rusty now, the picture barely coughed up 2x its paltry opening weekend gross. GKIDS not too long ago released the French-Belgian-Canadian film April and the Extraordinary World domestically in less than 40 theaters, and has made an expected amount.


Well, it looks like Rovio's got nothing to worry about. A $38 million opening stateside, and already sitting at $151 million worldwide. (It posted $29 million in China on opening weekend, beating out Zootopia...) Already double the budget! The Angry Birds Movie paid off for them, and hopefully it - in some way or another - convinces Nintendo to go full speed ahead with their movies.

However, because this is Hollywood... We'll indeed suffer the consequences for the next few years.

In other news, Zootopia only dropped roughly 39% this weekend, showing once again just how strong this film's word of mouth is. Worldwide, it now sits at $981 million... $1 billion, here we come!

What say you?


  1. Angry Birds is getting many negative reviews, so I think it will have a second weekend drop.

  2. Have you seen the movie yet? If so what did you think? Personally, I found it to be a simple fun film with great animation, likable characters who I wouldn't mind seeing again in a sequel, and mostly funny gags which include very well done slapstick, visual gags, and funny verbal humor. It's not the best animated film out there but it still is entertaining nonetheless.