Monday, May 23, 2016

Good Monday: New 'Garfield' Movie to Be All-Animated

It looks like Garfield is getting a movie... Again!

Who doesn't like Garfield?

Not too far from its 40th anniversary, Garfield has been adapted into many animated works over the years, notably the TV series Garfield and Friends (where he was voiced by the late Lorenzo Music) and various TV specials throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

The orange tabby got his first theatrical movie adaptation in the form of a live-action flick in 2004, one that had a CG'ed Garfield voiced by Bill Murray, but - for some reason - didn't have a cartoony Odie. It wasn't good, but it made enough cash to warrant a sequel. This came after years of pretty solid cartoons based on the character, and then after the movie thing didn't go over, we got a string of direct-to-video CG films that creator Jim Davis himself wrote and produced, among other things.

According to /Film, Alcon Entertainment has the rights to the property now, and will do a theatrical, computer animated take on Davis' characters. Since they have it, I can imagine Warner Bros. distributing it since a majority of their films were released by them, plus it would be another project for WB to add to their animation line-up. The film will be produced by John Cohen (Despicable Me, Angry Birds Movie), alongside Steven P. Wegner (Dolphin Tale, The Blind Side, Blade Runner 2) and Alcon higher ups Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson. Jim Davis will executive produce, thankfully.

I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner, but going all-animated - even if it is in CG - is a good start. Will they go a Peanuts Movie-esque route with the look of it? Or something unexpected? Or will it look like the current crop of animated features? More than anything, I just hope it stays true to the strips and is closer to the cartoons than the live-action movies.

Actually, I'd like to see some comic strips get animated movie adaptations one day... Stuff like Get Fuzzy, Hagar the Horrible, Beetle Bailey, the like...

What say you? Do you think they'll finally make a decent Garfield film? What direction do you think they'll go with it? Sound off below!


  1. Speaking of comic strips, Blue Sky has a Mutts movie in development.

  2. Actually, the film is being produced by John Cohen the producer of Despicable Me and The Angry Birds Movie

  3. I hope they keep the tone of the comic strip. Garfield though technically for "all ages", was really more of a comic for adults than kids, so a movie like that would be interesting.

  4. How about a "Pearls Before Swine" movie?