Monday, May 23, 2016

Musical Critters: Full Trailer for 'Sing' Debuts

This year marks the first calendar year where Illumination will release two films, the first of which being this summer's The Secret Life of Pets. Sing is the other one, and the more interesting one in my eyes.

Set in an all-animals world, similar to the recent likes of Kung Fu Panda and Zootopia, Sing will be about a koala theater owner trying to keep his place afloat with a singing contest. Quite different, don't you think? Most mainstream animated movies are some kind of adventure or a quest to stop a bad guy, so it's cool to see Illumination finally putting their low-budget plan to the test, and making something that's a little different. Certainly a real 180 from a cuddly romp like Secret Life of Pets, which could be fun in the end but really looks safe. It also comes from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy director Garth Jennings, so that right there is something that piques my interest.

While the teaser was a nice look at what's in store, this trailer blows it away... This is a legitimately good trailer, just watch it...

I normally criticize American trailers for big animated films, as they are - to me - loud, noisy, all over the place, and they ping-pong between "JOKES!" and brief story points. They're edited terribly. This one doesn't do any of that, it actually lays out the story quite nicely and isn't super-jokey. Heck, it even packs in some emotional moments! I'm shocked, though at the same time it's a little unsurprising because the trailer is actually near 3 minutes long. This movie looks not only like a lot of fun, it looks like a country mile from screaming yellow tic tacs and shenanigans like that.

The world it's set in, however, appears to be more like our own in terms of the architecture and design. Zootopia on the other hand went for very animal-based architecture, things like horn-shaped skyscrapers and odd-shaped vehicles, among several other details. The character designs are cartoony, and do have that Illumination style. Suffice to say it still looks good. What matters more than anything, obviously, is the storytelling.

I have a strong feeling this will surprise, it doesn't really remind me of Illumination's past films. Even the first Despicable Me, which I admittedly really like. Again, the sort-of unorthodox premise and how even the movie itself looks from this trailer... Not to mention, again, Garth Jennings directing and the cast. Yes, I'm now really looking forward to this. Can't believe I'm saying this about an Illumination film!

What say you?


  1. I cant belive they say "from the creators of the secret life of Pets" the movie hasnt come put yet ha ha ha

    1. It will probably be out by the time they start showing it in theaters.

    2. Yeah, but this trailer was released with the finale of The voice. Maybe with secret life of pets we will get another trailer for Sing, who knows ha ha a

  2. I dont consider Hop an ILLUMINATION entertaiment movie. Because at first the ILLUMINATION entertaiment movies were the ones that Chris mealdrine works on it (similar to Bad robot with j j abrahams or Point grey with Seth Rogen and his friend) and the animation was made by another studio. In that time universal didn't considered ILLUMINATION as theri animation studio. And the animation of the first despicable me was done at Mac guff and in 2012 they buy Mac guff and now is called ILLUMINATION Mac guff, so thats were the animation is made and they usually use the same directors for lorax, despicable me, minions, and hop was made by the guy who did alvin and the chipmunks. So I dont consider it An ILLUMINATION film because it only has THE illumination name because of Chris mealdrine beeif the producer