Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Not Trolling: New 'Trolls' Clip Shows The REAL Movie

I don't think a single person in the animation community liked the teaser for DreamWorks' upcoming Trolls...

Based on the toy line of the same name, which DreamWorks has owned the rights to for a while, Trolls is on track for a fall 2016 release (November 4th to be exact, not a very smart date if you ask me, but that's another story), and hopefully it's another hit for the recovering DreamWorks.

Its first teaser gave many fans little confidence, as it seemed to look backwards. The trolls in the trailer twerked and danced to 'Watch Me Whip'... Were we in January 2006, or January 2016? Yes, it was a bad, pandering teaser. Did/does it work on audiences? I don't know. Opening weekend numbers might tell us this come autumn. Again, it wasn't warmly received.

My reaction? I had a feeling it wasn't an indicator of what the movie itself was going to be like. Marketing 101.

A DreamWorks story artist took to Twitter and clarified that the movie was not going to be just that, as I had suspected. She said the marketing department made another muck-up, as usual. I've been critical of how Fox has been marketing DreamWorks' films, and this was no different. Similarly, a DreamWorks employee complained on Tumblr about Fox marketing spoiling Valka in the How To Train Your Dragon 2 trailer, something the creative team behind the film did not want.

Well, now we have a better idea of what Trolls will be like... In time for Cannes, DreamWorks has released a clip from the film...

Honestly, this looks like it could be a fun, if not quirky little movie. I already like the cloud guy, and the animation style is very colorful and almost storybook illustration-like. It suits the trolls themselves, though I do miss the saucerplate eyes, that would've been cool if they stuck with that. The Trolls line really doesn't have any backstory or storyline, so DreamWorks could literally do whatever they want with it, and hopefully they do just that with the movie. I'd rather have something out-there and bizarro than just dull.

This clip indicates that it could be just that, or something interesting at the very least. Me? If I were behind it, I'd go all out and make something like Richard Williams' 1977 animated gem Raggedy Ann and Andy: A Musical Adventure. He took something as simple as Raggedy Ann and Andy, and made this super-weird psychedelic movie out of it. Even if you didn't like that film, you have to admit it left quite an impression!

That's also not dissimilar to The Lego Movie. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have a knack for taking unlikely things and doing very cool things with them, and they did the same with Lego Movie. Lego is a construction toy, so no backstory or books to follow there, plus Lego encompasses many favorite franchises... So they went all out and made something really cool. Will Trolls be just that? I don't know, but I liked the clip. It wasn't great or anything (Justin Timberlake sounds like he's waiting for his paycheck), but I'm much more interested in the film now. I mean I knew it wasn't going to be what the teaser made it look like, but the movie itself doesn't look like what I imagined.

What do you think of the clip?

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  1. I hopen they announce at Cannes that the film has been moved to October.