Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Old Frond, New Frond: First Clips for 'Finding Dory' Surface

During ABC's airing of Finding Nemo earlier today, a clip from Finding Dory was shown...

Running a little over a minute, it isn't much, but a nice reprise of the East Australian Current scenes from the first film.

Also, look at how well that water is rendered... The water work was so amazing in the first film, it's particularly impressive here!

The second clip - provided online, you had to "find" it - is a little look at septatpus Hank. The animation on him is pretty impressive, and how they get dialogue out of him without adding a mouth to his head. Some real good body language there, and some Pixar folk - as well as director Andrew Stanton himself - have said that animating him was particularly tough. Have a look...

This scene definitely feels a lot like the dentist office sequences in numero uno, but with more movement, more suspense. Plus... Listen to Thomas Newman's score here... Definitely more WALL-E than Finding Nemo, for sure. It definitely has an Axiom flavor to it, and it's fitting, considering the size of the marine life institute the majority of the film will take place in.

In short, I like what I'm seeing. I was already sold, so... This is just the icing on the cake.

What do you think of the clips?

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