Saturday, May 21, 2016

Oncoming Splash: 'Moana' Teaser Classified

The ever-so-reliable Alberta Film Ratings site has revealed that the teaser trailer for Walt Disney Animation Studios' epic Oceanic musical Moana has gotten its classification... This means that it is possibly right around the corner!

Walt Disney Animation Studios in the recent years had a pattern of sorts, one that was somewhat broken last year.

Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen, and Big Hero 6 were all November releases in their respective years. Their teasers always debuted near the beginning of summer, preferably before the latest Pixar film - as Pixar films are usually summer releases in this day and age. Toy Story 3, which hit theaters in summer 2010, carried the Tangled teaser. Brave carried the Wreck-It Ralph teaser in summer 2012, you get the picture. Big Hero 6 was an exception, for there was no new Pixar film in 2014, so that teaser ended up debuting before live-action Disney's summer flick Maleficent...

Then there's Zootopia, the first of the CG hits that opened outside of November. Zootopia opened this past March, so I assumed that a teaser for that film wouldn't debut until roughly August 2015, when the fourth D23 Expo was going on... But no, they attached the trailer to Pixar's June event Inside Out!

So I had a feeling that Moana's teaser could debut any time, now that the pattern was somewhat broken. It could've debuted before Zootopia, or The Jungle Book, if not Alice Through the Looking Glass. That's out next weekend, so it's perfect timing. I honestly didn't want to wait till Finding Dory next month to see a teaser...

It'll be, according to Alberta Film Ratings, a minute and 17 seconds long. I expect this teaser to be a cutesy, jokey, audience-friendly teaser, no different from the teasers for Frozen, Big Hero 6, and Zootopia.

I'm sure the Internet won't care for it, and I'm sure some dark corners will write the whole movie off because of this one teaser. Frozen's dreaded ice lake shenanigans teaser had nearly everyone in a fury, everyone thought that Frozen would be the movie to kill Disney Animation. When I saw it with a full house in a movie theater that summer, the response was rapturous. Zootopia's teaser got lots of jeers on the net, cries of "It looks too DreamWorks!" and "It looks like Chicken Little!"

See, I'm used to marketing doing this kind of thing. Tangled taught me that lesson, alongside several other films. That all being said, I'll be surprised if Moana's teaser goes a more thoughtful route and not a jokey one, but I fully expect it to be a cute little skit. Heck, it might only show the animal sidekicks Pua and Hei Hei. Maybe not. Maybe since Frozen was such a runaway success, maybe Disney's marketing department figures that the LCD now find it "cool" to like "girly" princesses and musical numbers again. Maybe we'll hear The Rock sing in the teaser, who knows!

Anyways, I'm ready! Any other animation trailers coming soon? Well, hopefully a proper trailer for DreamWorks' Trolls comes out soon, alongside a full trailer for Warner Animation's Storks. I don't expect a full trailer for Sing until The Secret Life of Pets hits in early July. Anything in 2017? Monster Trucks, being a January release and a long-delayed film, should get one... Should it keep that date, but who knows with Paramount and this film. Andrew Stanton recently confirmed in a Twitter Q&A (answering a buddy's question) that the Cars 3 teaser could possibly show up before Finding Dory.

What say you? What do you think the Moana teaser will be like? What other animation trailers do you think we'll get in the coming weeks? Sound off below!


  1. "Buddy's question" * aww thanks blushed*

    Also a Finding Dory trailer has bee classified

  2. If Monster Trucks is coming out in early 2017, then I expect the teaser to show up before Ninja Turtles 2.

  3. I hope Moana is a box office success.

  4. I would like a full cast annunsment for Moana.