Monday, May 9, 2016

Oncoming Wave of Awesome: New 'Kubo & the Two Strings' Trailer Amazes

The newest trailer for what looks to be LAIKA's biggest film is finally here...

No shock, it's awesome...

Do I need to say anymore, really? The teaser and the other full trailers were good, but I was already sold because... LAIKA and the story itself. This trailer is the best one of the bunch, tying together the story, the action, and some humor quite well. Better than most animated movie trailers here in the states, want a good recent example why that is so? Just watch the newest trailer for Ice Age: Continental Drift. It's just 2 1/2 minutes of noise. I don't really remember what I just watched...

Kubo and the Two Strings looks to combine the spooky elements of the studio's two masterpieces Coraline and ParaNorman with a fun, fantastical adventure vibe. Look at some of the creatures and the imagery, it's ridiculously creative stuff! It's also a nice step forward for stop-motion in the cinema realm, and it looks very different from their previous pictures in terms of the tone and feel. The worldbuilding is there, but the characters are pretty cool too. Again, the mix of Japanese folklore and mythology and other things is a unique direction to go in after the twisted other world of Coraline, the spooky New England of ParaNorman, and the oddball Victorian England-esque setting of The Boxtrolls.

Focus has been marketing this one a little differently from the last two, going a more conventional route. Boxtrolls' early marketing had a teaser made up of footage not meant for the movie, much like a lot of Pixar's teasers, and then we got a masterful one showing some behind-the-scenes footage. Then we got a regular trailer that inevitably paled in comparison to the teasers. ParaNorman had a great teaser (and fantastic use of Donovan's 'Season of the Witch'!), but an awfully noisy ping-ponging trailer. The marketing for this one so far? It's been solid.

Hopefully audiences really give this one a whirl, because LAIKA hasn't scored a film that has opened with over $20 million in the states yet. Could this be the one? Who knows. Could the big-scale adventure and the visuals be the draw? I hope!

Either way, I'm ready for another round of LAIKA brilliance.

What do you think of the trailer?


  1. YAAAASS....the past few trailers I was not a fan of honestly. they had good moments, but then weird jokes that didn't land come along and it's But this one embraces its scope and its amazing. I'm excited!

  2. You writte continental drift instead of colision course but its ok, i writte disney instead of DreamWorks ja ha ha