Thursday, May 12, 2016

Toys Hit The Road: Open Road Picks Up 'Playmobil' Movie

Remember that animated Playmobil film that was announced a few months back?

Paramount is no longer distributing, but it is still being directed by Disney Animation veteran Lino DiSalvo, and it's still being made by the Little Prince studio On Animation in France. It is now in Open Road Films' hands, and they plan to release it on January 18, 2019. Blaise Hemingway, a relative newcomer, is handling the script.

This raises one question... Is Lino DiSalvo still a head at Paramount Animation? Again, Paramount was reported to be this film's distributor, so that and Lino's involvement lead me to believe that it was going to be a Paramount Animation project. Is Lino doing this as a "mean time" kind of thing? Considering Paramount dumped On's Little Prince a week before its US debut, it seems a little suspicious... But what do I know?

Anyways, a Playmobil film... It could be fun, it could be a 90-minute toy commercial that's just chasing The Lego Movie's success. I have some hope for it, because DiSalvo is directing and I'm excited to see what he brings to the table. Since a smaller studio is doing it, I can only imagine what the outcome will be. Does DiSalvo have a lot of creative freedom on it?

January 2019 is a smart, breathable time for the film. Not too many animated films outside of the Disney Animation and Pixar stables have solid 2019 dates just yet, exceptions being Warner Animation and Illumination's untitled films set for that year - 5/24/2019 and 7/3/2019 respectively. DreamWorks, Blue Sky, and Sony Animation have yet to secure 2019 dates, but they better get cracking.

Open Road themselves found success with the low budget The Nut Job in January 2014, so they know what's going on. The Nut Job 2 was set to open this past January, until ToonBox had to push it back, now the film is set for 5/19/2017. I just wonder... Is Open Road going to pick up ToonBox's other films? How come Spark - a completed film - doesn't have a US distributor and release date? What about ToonBox's other projects that are supposedly being cooked up in that "lab"?

What do you think of an animated Playmobil movie?

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