Monday, June 6, 2016

Baby Talk: DreamWorks To Present 'The Boss Baby' at Annecy

The first of three DreamWorks tentatively set to come out next year is a picture called The Boss Baby...

It's based on Marla Frazee's children's book of the same name, and it's exactly what it says on the box: It's about a baby CEO. His older brother is jealous, for the baby gets more affection from his parents than he does, so he goes on an adventure to change that. In the process, he finds out that an evil baby CEO of a company called Puppy Co. plans to "destroy the balance of love in the world", forcing the two brothers to team up, save their parents, and stop the bad guy... Er, baby. Kevin Spacey's voicing the evil baby, Alec Baldwin's voicing the title character. (Fitting!) Michael McCullers of Austin Powers fame is penning the script, DreamWorks veteran Tom McGrath (Madagascar, Megamind) is directing, it's set for March 10, 2017.

This will be DreamWorks' next movie after this autumn's Trolls, and as far as I know, it's still being distributed by 20th Century Fox.

On June 16th, at Annecy, we'll get some more information on the film. From Annecy's website:

"Join Tom McGrath, who will present the process of narrative and artistic development of the upcoming DreamWorks movie, The Boss Baby. Taken from the best-selling Marla Frazee, he staged the one that becomes the focus of interest when it happens in a family: the baby. Alec Baldwin and Kevin Spacey will lend their voices for the English version of this family comedy scheduled for spring 2017."

The logo has also been revealed...

A pretty clever logo I must say. Interesting that they kept the "The" from the book title, for a while DreamWorks/Fox simply called it Boss Baby. I guess they didn't want to go the Sean Parker route...

As I've said before, the movie itself doesn't sound half-bad, and if done right it could be a wacky, fun comedy. I want it to be more like Madagascar 3 than Megamind, as the former went all out with its cartoonish tone while the other felt restrained. (I understand that's a minority opinion, Megamind honestly did little for me.) Nothing wrong with an unabashedly goofy premise like this, it just needs a solid execution in order to be an animated comedy I'll want to watch again. Those are a dime-a-dozen these days.

I just hope it's a success for DreamWorks' sake, even though they'll be a cog in the Comcast/NBCUniversal machine by the time this comes out. Will it shift to Universal? Who knows, probably not, but I expect a first look for this film soon. Being a spring 2017 release, I expect its first teaser to show up in the early fall. Probably before Warner Animation's Storks.

What say you? What do you think of this project?


  1. Speaking of Storks, when do you think we're going to hear more about that?

    1. My best guess is that the full trailer will show up next week in time for 'Finding Dory', or will show up sometime in early July for 'Secret Life of Pets'.

    2. And since the main article is about DreamWorks, I think that the full trailer for Trolls will show up in mid-July before Ice Age: Collision Course since FOX is distributing both films. I'm also predicting a teaser trailer for Ferdinand to be released around that time.