Wednesday, June 1, 2016

DreamWorks Down Under: 'Larrikins' Gets Cast, Might've Moved to Universal

More and more updates on DreamWorks' Outback-set rock 'n' roll musical Larrikins are rolling out!

According to Deadline, the cast will consist of Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts, Rose Byrne, and Ben Mendelson... Joining a previously-announced-to-be-in-the-film Margot Robbie. All Aussies, thankfully. A pretty fine line-up for what sounds like DreamWorks' most exciting upcoming film. To me, at least. It's an oddball The Gods Must Be Crazy-esque rock musical about a marsupial getting kicked out of his house and joining an animal rock 'n' roll band... It sounds way too cool!

The rest of the cast currently consists of Jacki Weaver, Josh Lawson, Damon Herriman, and Ewen Leslie. Hopefully they get some Mad Max people in on this, particularly Bruce Spence, who voiced Chum in Finding Nemo.

Now Deadline also pointed out that - and this is something they alluded to in the previous article on this project - the film is indeed set to shift to Universal. Not maybe, it's "expected to" shift. Why's that? Well, we all know Comcast/NBCUniversal is acquiring DreamWorks Animation, and everything will be all set by the end of the year. This left folks like me wondering... What's going to happen to all the films in DreamWorks' current distribution pact with 20th Century Fox? The deal included Larrikins and was supposed to end in summer 2018, with How To Train Your Dragon 3.

Well, it looks like Larrikins will now be a Universal-DreamWorks release, and it may lose its current release date - February 16, 2018. I think that is good, because I didn't like that release date from the start - one week after an untitled Warner Animation project, and the same day as Marvel's Black Panther. When will the shift occur? If it does, who knows when... Probably some time next year, or maybe soon if everything is set in stone.

It's also possible that Larrikins might be pushed back if the shift happens.


The Croods 2 is in an awful spot right now, just a week after Star Wars: Episode VIII. Fox hasn't budged with the release date, and they've been sitting on it for months and months. I know these things usually take some time, but c'mon Fox... There's got to be a better date for it! Let's say Larrikins goes to Universal... That mid-February spot is free for The Croods 2 to take. Going against Black Panther is not as bad as going against Star Wars, plus you already had the first one being the hit that it was. (Though personally speaking, I'd move it to the week after Black Panther.)

Perhaps the Fox deal will in fact end in summer 2018 with How To Train Your Dragon 3, while Larrikins starts the Universal slate in late 2018 or early 2019... However, Dragon 3's another story because recently, Fox rearranged a lot of their 2018 slate... An untitled X-Men film has taken Dragon 3's 6/29/2018 bow, and Fox hasn't said anything about that film's date, so maybe that film shifted too!

Anyways, I can see it going this way...

Boss Baby - March 10, 2017 (Fox)
Captain Underpants - June 2, 2017 (Fox)
The Croods 2 - February 23, 2018 (Fox)
How To Train Your Dragon 3 - Summer 2018 (Universal)
Larrikins - Early 2019 (Universal)

Who knows, who knows... The Comcast acquisition of DreamWorks has brought lots of interesting things to the table, and from the start I was wondering what would happen to the remaining films in DreamWorks' deal with Fox.

Anyways, Larrikins' cast is strong, it's good to see the movie gaining traction, and hopefully we hear more on it and the DreamWorks/Universal situation soon... What say you?

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  1. If your slate prediction does indeed happen, then I can see Coco getting released on October 20th, 2017. It shouldn't get hurt too badly by The My Little Pony Movie, since that's being distributed by Lionsgate, who has an AWFUL track record with animation.

    This also allows The Grinch to take 11/22/2017.