Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hairy Trailer: First Full Trailer for 'Trolls' Debuts

The first full trailer for Trolls is officially here...

Now, of course, as many of us know, the teaser for this upcoming DreamWorks feature didn't quite impress. In fact it left a lot of people horrified, for it made the movie look like it would be one of DreamWorks' forced, "hip" mid-2000s movies. Complete with twerking trolls and 'Watch Me Whip'! I knew the teaser was just that, a teaser.

A clip revealed during Cannes gave us a better look at the movie, and now this new trailer is out... It's a real improvement. The movie looks like it could be good fun, if not something that's a bit unique.

I mean, it may not be a mountain-mover, but I'm digging the trippy, almost psychedelic imagery here. The thing with the Good Luck Trolls toys, well... They're just a line of dolls. They don't have a storyline or anything special like that, so it looks like DreamWorks took some advantage of that. It's a bit similar how The Lego Movie went all out because they didn't have to adhere to some storyline or some set of rules. Trolls is a musical, but also a weird adventure with lots of bizarre-looking things and such. Like I said when the Cannes clip came out, I also really liked the look of the film. It has a very, I want to say, storybook-like look to it. Now I'm a little more intrigued...

Even some of the humor sticks the landing! I have a decent idea of what the story is, usually animated movie trailers ping-pong back and forth, and then leave me saying "Wait, what?" However, I do not care for the music. Definitely poppy and will be dated in a few years, I would've preferred a different style. Also, Fox marketing, why just "From the creators of Shrek"? Trying to bank on nostalgia?

But hey, if the picture's entertaining to the point where I want to watch it again, I won't complain. What did you think of the trailer?

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  1. The fact that this is STILL coming out on the same day as Doctor Strange tells me that this is going to be the last FOX-DreamWorks film and that the deal with Universal will have already been finalized by the time this film comes out.