Monday, June 13, 2016

Inside the Body: First Look at Disney Animation's 'Inner Workings' Short

Our first look at Team Burbank's new short is finally here!

Set to be attached to the studio's next feature Moana, the newest Walt Disney Animation Studios short Inner Workings looks to be a new variation on the wartime Walt Disney short film Reason and Emotion, though it'll most likely be compared to Pixar's masterful Inside Out. Unlike Team Emeryville's mind movie, Inner Workings looks to focus on the brain as a whole, and its interactions with the heart. The short will have its premiere at Annecy this coming Friday...

"The primary players of Inner Workings are the fearful brain and the good-time heart of Paul, an average Joe paper-pusher whose walk to work is filled with distractions where the two organs don’t agree on the right course of action, with the brain usually winning out. Experiencing both the monotony of work life and the fun that everybody else is having at a nearby beach, heart and mind come to an understanding, though Paul doesn’t throw all caution to the wind.

A personal story for director Leo Matsuda - story artist on past WDAS films like Wreck-It Ralph and Big Hero 6 - that mirrors both sides of his upbringing, it'll also be about the struggle with fear. "You forget to appreciate your own life. It’s something very real for a lot of people, with bills to pay and family and personal responsibilities," says Matsuda, adding that it'll ultimately be about the balance of the heart and the mind in life.

Here's some concept artwork, showing off the key character designs...

The short is said to take the tech and visuals we saw in Paperman and Feast, and take them to the next level. With such out-there and varied designs, and a neat premise, I can only imagine how this will look, visually. It sounds like another winner already, as it's sure to have something to say and a visual style that will stay in your head.

What say you?

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