Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Adult Annecy: Titmouse's 'Nerdland' To Screen At Annecy

Talk about being one step closer...

Titmouse, the studio behind the likes of Metalocalypse, Superjail! (season two and onwards), and several other projects had completed their R-rated animated feature Nerdland a while ago. It will screen at Annecy in the coming weeks, it screened at Tribeca back in mid-April.

Directed by longtime Titmouse director/producer Chris Prynoski and written by Andrew Kevin Walker (Se7en), Nerdland follows two nerdy 29-year-olds who attempt to become famous in a world of celebrities being scrutinized non-stop. Early reviews indicate that the picture basks in its raunchiness, but to a fault. The five reviews up on Rotten Tomatoes are pretty mixed-to-negative... So I guess it's an 11-minute episode of an Adult Swim show stretched to 90 minutes?

Quality aside, Nerdland still needs a wide release. The only big, mainstream adults-only animated feature on the horizon is Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's hilarious-looking Sausage Party. Sony's releasing that in August, and has indeed gotten the R rating it was always gunning for. There are several others bubbling under the surface, projects like Augenblick's The Adventures of Drunky, Coverage Ink's Malevolent, and Tim Miller's long-gestating The Goon, among others.

Nerdland looks like it cost little to make, yet looks very stylish. I particularly like the color use in the released images and posters, it almost gives me a Meth Minute 39 vibe, not just a mid-2000s Adult Swim vibe. With a good-sized release, it could easily make it back and maybe perhaps convince other houses out there to try the same thing: Make a tiny-budgeted adults-only animated film, and see some good-sized success with it. Too optimistic? Probably, but I think that could happen.

It and Sausage Party's performance - should they do well - may lead to a boom of raunchy, unabashedly R-rated projects that are more immature than anything, but if that's what we need to get to truly mature animated features in the future, I say go ahead.

What do you think will end up happening with Nerdland?

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  1. I honestly don't know what Nerdland's release strategy will be. Like you said, it's gotten a very mixed response from critics, so I don't know whether a distributor is going to want to pick it up. Same with Malevolent, The Adventures of Drunky, and The Goon (though that one might get a boost due to being done by the director of Deadpool).