Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Slight Move: Sony Animation Moves 'The Star' Ahead

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Sony Pictures Animation made a little change to their slate this morning...

The Star, their Timothy Reckart-directed retelling of the Nativity story, is no longer opening December 8, 2017. That was the weekend before Star Wars: Episode VIII.

It is now set to open November 10, 2017. This is the spot that Illumination's Grinch movie vacated a little while back. I was hoping Fox/DreamWorks would move right into that slot with The Croods 2, as I'm not sure if that will fare well against Episode VIII, but Sony beat them to the punch. I think it's a smart date for The Star, as a Christmas-themed movie should be given time to stew. Usually Christmas films like this premiere weeks before Thanksgiving, such as Robert Zemeckis' mo-capped The Polar Express and A Christmas Carol.

Anyways, that begs the question... Does Fox keep The Croods 2 in its current spot - December 22, 2017? Or will they eventually move it? Fox has moved almost every other DreamWorks film on their slate: The Boss Baby recently moved away from live-action Beauty and the Beast, while How To Train Your Dragon 3 was bumped up a month. Only Captain Underpants and this film haven't been moved, and it seems like Trolls will stay in its spot too.

The Croods 2 and Larrikins were also suspiciously absent from Fox's section of this year's Licensing Expo. It was reported a few times that Larrikins is one of the Fox-DreamWorks deal pictures that's expected to be picked up by Universal following the Comcast acquisition of DreamWorks. Is The Croods 2 also going to be picked up? Maybe, maybe not. Winter 2017 is over four years after the release of the first Croods, but I suppose it won't matter if the picture's backed by good marketing. There's also been very little talk on this film, too - while I've heard more about the other pictures around it.

At this point, I can see those two being picked up by Universal. They both go to 2019 since 2018 is pretty hogged up, and so on...

We shall see. What say you?

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  1. Going by your new theory, I could see the Oriental DreamWorks film coming to the US sometime in 2018 with How to Train Your Dragon 3 and that'll be the last FOX-DreamWorks film. What do you think?