Saturday, July 30, 2016

Another Little Guy: 'Nut Job' Producer and Disney TV Producer Launch Astro-Nomical

It looks like another small little animation force is going to blast off soon...

Based in Burbank, Astro-Nomical Entertainment is the creation of Hongjoo Ahn and Chris Henderson. Ahn is known for his work at ToonBox, and was one of the producers on the lower budgeted The Nut Job. Henderson's background is in Disney's direct-to-video and TV animation.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, they will make... You guessed it! Mid-budget family-friendly animated features. Well, the mid-budget plan is promising, for you - I think - can get away with more on a smaller budget, you can experiment more. Reel FX, for example, is taking full advantage of that. Take one look at their Book of Life, and a lot of their upcoming projects. It's also said that a lot of Astro-Nomical's output will focus on the Chinese market.

One feature's already in development, the animation will be handled by Digital Dimension, an effects and animation studio based in Montreal. It's called Mean Margaret, based on a children's book about two woodchucks who raise an ill-tempered kid. Barry Cook, one of the directors of Mulan, might direct...

Sounds like it could be fun, though you know me. I always hope a small studio will be the one to try cool new things, but no, this one will be following the pack. Hopefully the work is impressive, more Reel FX territory than Norm of the North territory.

What say you?

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