Monday, July 25, 2016

'Batman and Robin' Done Right: Full 'Lego Batman Movie' Trailer Flies In

It goes without saying... Holy bricks, Batman!

Last night, at Comic-Con, Warner Bros. topped off their epic presentation with this gem... The full trailer for The Lego Batman Movie...

I'm pretty much sold now, more so than ever before.

It's zany and irreverent like The Lego Movie, but the great thing is, it does not feel like it's imitating what worked before, it doesn't feel like they're trying to recapture lightning in a bottle. This looks like a huge riff on the Batman legacy, which is made clear at the beginning when Alfred lectures Batman on what he should be doing with his life. The trailer focuses on the father-son dynamic between Batman and Robin, showcasing some of the great comedy that will come from it. I found myself howling at certain bits, rare for an animated movie trailer. Robin's going to steal the picture...

Also, like its predecessors, the visuals and what they do with the Lego pieces? Eye candy through-and-through, and it's nice to see a unique take on Batman like this - Legos or no Legos.

Basically, this is going to wash away Batman & Robin, and be our first great Batman film that happens to star Robin. It can now sit alongside the 1966 film.

What say you? Are you looking forward to it?


  1. Speaking of the 1966 film, isn't that like a cult classic or something?

    1. The 1966 movie, like the 66 Batman TV series it's based on, is well-liked because it's unabashedly tongue-in-cheek, campy, and silly, making it entertaining and ton of fun to watch. In a way, yeah, it's a cult classic. Maybe not a serious Batman story, but very enjoyable.

  2. Speaking of WB, am I the only one who noticed that they're spending more time promoting this than promoting Storks?