Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bricked Gotham: More Details on 'Lego Batman' Surface

The bricked crusader is firing up...

Just in time for Comic-Con (where a new trailer will debut), USA Today has given us a new look at Warner Animation's next installment in their Lego series...

The Lego Batman Movie, as the teaser indicated a while back, will be the same inventive fun with a DC Comics flavor. But will it be the unexpectedly heartfelt joyride that The Lego Movie was? It appears that this will indeed be the case, for the film will focus on Batman's relationship with Robin, and how he's a father-figure to the Boy Wonder.

Director Chris McKay describes the film as "About a Boy as directed by Michael Mann." Those two things... And Batman? Interesting combo to say the least. Of course, things don't go swimmingly, as Batman and Robin won't see eye to eye. McKay also said that the filmmakers will be going "deep" into the Batman lore, and that we're going to see all of the Rogues Gallery here. The film, since it'll be irreverent and loose much like The Lego Movie, has the freedom to dive into several areas of Batman's legacy. It'll make for fun jokes, references, and Easter eggs, for sure.

The Joker's story is unique in that he wants to prove to Batman that he is indeed his greatest adversary, after Batman writes his evil off as inferior.

In all it sounds like a super-fun ride. I think, like its predecessor, it'll surprise all of us and audiences as well...

What say you?


  1. When do you think the next trailer would show up? Suicide Squad or Storks?

    1. If not released online during Comic-Con, then either Suicide Squad or Storks.