Friday, July 22, 2016

DreamWorks Reveals First Image of 'The Boss Baby', Shows More Footage at Comic-Con

Not slouching at Comic-Con, DreamWorks revealed some stuff on the feature coming after their next...

As we all know up to this point, The Boss Baby is exactly what it says on the box: It's about a baby CEO that talks and acts like an adult. All the more recent reports have confirmed that this Tom McGrath-directed, Michael McCullers-written movie will definitely be cartoony and wacky, more in line with McGrath's own Madagascar films than the epic fantasy of How To Train Your Dragon.

Here's our first image, showing the titular boss baby, who will be voiced by DreamWorks mainstay Alec Baldwin...

The baby has been described as a cross between Alec Baldwin's character in 30 Rock and his character in Glengarry Glenn Ross. Others have compared him to Baby Herman from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The footage wowed some, didn't fully impress others, but one of the main takeaways was how stylish the animation was, how the baby hides his stuff within things that look like baby products, how cartoony it was, and how... Weird it's going to be... Apparently the events may all take place in the baby's older brother's imagination.

Either way, it seems like it'll be something else, which I think is for the better. Even if it may not stick the landing in the end, the picture still sounds really over-the-top. Honestly, in ways, it sounds a lot like Madagascar 3, which I think is one of DreamWorks' best "cartoon" animated films. It's the right blend of silliness, comically impossible action, heart, and story. I didn't get that with something like The Croods, so hopefully this film is consistent like Madagascar 3. I don't mind a good, lighter weight romp as long as they do it right, and it's something I want to watch again.

Anyways, I think the footage descriptions - and all previous reports - hint at something that's at least interesting. The new poster also re-confirms the release date and that Fox is handling distribution (bah), and maybe sometime before Trolls hits in November, we'll get a teaser trailer?

What say you?


  1. What I've noticed in the poster is a logo that says "DreamWorks SKG Studios" which seems to be used for DreamWorks Pictures now. Their newer films (Girl on the Train) are being released by Universal who is also acquiring the animation studio. This could be a hint that Universal will handle distribution, but the film will still have the 20th Century Fox logo. What do you think?

    1. It might just be a logo change in general (to align it with DW Live-Action again), or maybe it was a mistake. We shall see. As far as I know, the Universal-distributed DreamWorks output starts with the two 2019 releases - 'Larrikins' being up in the air.