Thursday, July 14, 2016

Events Everywhere: Warner Bros. Slates 3 More "Event" Films

Warner Bros.' brass really meant it when they said they'd focus more on big budget tentpoles and franchise-based movies...

Today, three more of their "event" movies have been scheduled. One is set for June 8, 2018, which was the original date that the sequel to Gareth Edward's divisive Godzilla carried. (That's now set for March 22, 2019) I wonder if the date goes to a new, never-before-announced movie or a film that is going to be moved eventually.

If you take a look at March 2018, Warner Bros. plans to unleash three tentpoles during that timeframe. First is Meg on the 2nd, Tomb Raider on the 16th, and Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One on the 30th. Those three events quietly knocked The Flash out of the spring 2018 slot, as that one is moving forward with its new director. One of those tentpoles is going to move. If anything, I'd move Meg to summer 2018. Ready Player One - on top of already being delayed - has less competition in April before the summer rush, while Tomb Raider could probably hold its own.

Either way, something's moving. It's probably not going to be something DC-related either, for the DC films are all filed under the "Untitled DC Film" moniker. Warner Bros. specifies those things...

The next two new dates are both early August ones: 8/2/2019 and 8/7/2020.

Anything's possible. San Andreas director Brad Peyton was said to be developing a Rampage movie with The Rock set to star in, maybe that could be one of these events. Or maybe Peyton and Johnson will just do San Andreas 2, since the first one was a big hit. (Don't tell me quality is the reason why a movie flops!) Or maybe that Mortal Kombat movie that WB keeps trying to get off the ground. Maybe Mad Max 5, after George Miller finishes the small-scale film he plans to make soon. The Five Nights at Freddy's movie is also a possibility, where did that one go?

This is Warner Bros.' post-2016 slate without all the DC, Warner Animation, and Fantastic Beasts stuff...

01/13/2017 - Live By Night
03/10/2017 - Kong: Skull Island
03/24/2017 - King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
07/21/2017 - Dunkirk
08/11/2017 - CHiPs
10/06/2017 - Untitled Blade Runner Sequel
10/20/2017 - Geostorm
03/02/2018 - Meg
03/16/2018 - Tomb Raider
03/30/2018 - Ready Player One
06/08/2018 - Untitled
10/19/2018 - Untitled Jungle Book Film
12/25/2018 - Untitled
03/22/2019 - Godzilla 2
05/24/2019 - Minecraft
08/02/2019 - Untitled
05/29/2020 - Godzilla vs. Kong
08/07/2020 - Untitled

So many dates, so many options, Warner Bros. isn't holding back. Less small pictures, full steam ahead with potential smash hits... They better hope they aren't Pans, Legends of Tarzans, and Jupiter Ascendings.

What say you?

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