Thursday, July 7, 2016

Rebuilding: 'Lego Movie Sequel' To Be Rewritten by 'BoJack Horseman' Creator

So there's more to The Lego Movie Sequel's delay than we thought...

It turns out, the film is going to be rewritten...

By the creator of BoJack Horseman, Raphael Bob-Waksberg. Now that's something. I must confess, I've actually never seen that show... Yet. From everything I hear, it's what adult animation should be: Not gimmicky, not going for the over-the-top inappropriate, actually mature. Apparently it gets downright depressing, too.

Now of course, Lego Movie Sequel isn't going to be BoJack Horseman in movie form, but Bob-Waksberg could inject a new, fresh energy into the proceedings. The Lego Movie was fresh for many reasons. Writer-director team Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have a knack for taking unlikely premises and milking them, and with The Lego Movie they gave us so many surprises and conceived a story that took all these interesting directions, had all these themes and ideas, and was a film championed imagination and innovation. All of that, for a movie that could've been a crass, heartless 90-minute toy commercial...

Now, Lord and Miller wrote the earlier draft of the sequel, which makes me wonder... How much is Bob-Waksberg going to change in his rewrite? Perhaps Lord and Miller were going to perfect their script after a few more drafts, but they're going to be busy with the currently untitled Han Solo film... So Warner Bros., as Variety notes, opted to move ahead with another voice... But hopefully the final product is just the right blend of Lord, Miller, and Bob-Waksberg's voices.

I'm confident that this won't be a Cloudy 2 situation. The first Cloudy was Lord and Miller's baby, but the second one was handled by others. As for The Lego Movie Sequel, I think it's in good hands, even if Lord and Miller aren't as involved. Warner Animation Group has been showing - little by little - that they are going to establish themselves as legitimate players in the animation field, and that they'll do family-friendly animation the right way: Hit the adults with the writing and the wit, and hope the kids and everyone else show up too.

What do you think of this development? Do you think having someone else on board will make things fresher? Or should they stick with Lord and Miller? Sound off below!

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